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European Parliament 'unclear' on UK's Brexit strategy

The General Election results have left the European Parliament "unclear" what the UK's position on Brexit is.

While Theresa May spoke of a "hard Brexit" or even no deal in January, Brexit Minister Steve Baker told of the need for the "softest" Brexit on Tuesday.

A view seemingly echoed by Michael Gove who said the wishes of remain voters must also be taken into account.

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Gove: Remain MPs looking 'back in anger and remorse'

Michael Gove speaks in the Commons debate. Credit: House of Commons

Those who voted remain in the EU referendum are not setting out their plans for a post-Brexit Britain, Michael Gove has said.

The leave campaigner slammed MPs who supported remain saying that the majority continued to look "back in anger, remorse, and regret", and failed to look "forward optimistically".

During the impassioned speech Mr Gove ignored calls to give way for others to speak during the debate.

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