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Osborne 'still Chancellor' if Gove wins Tory leadership

Michael Gove and George Osborne. Credit: PA

Michael Gove is reported to want George Osborne to stay on as Chancellor if he wins the Conservative leadership contest and becomes Prime Minister.


Gove: People told me I should run for Tory leader

Michael Gove has said that he decided to run for Tory leader at the last minute after "a number of people" told him he should.

"There were a number of people who had said to me during the course of the week, 'Michael, it should be you.'

"I reflected on those comments," he said. "I reflected on the individuals who made that case, and I came, last night, as I say, with a degree of hesitation, but ultimately believing that this was absolutely the right thing to do...

"I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to put myself forward."

He had previously said that he would not be interested in being Prime Minister, and said of Boris Johnson that while he has "many talents and attributes", he is not capable of building a team fit to run the country.


Gove: Brexit would send a signal of discontent to EU

Michael Gove. Credit: ITV News

Voting to leave the EU would send a signal of discontent to the "people running the European Union", Michael Gove has said.

Speaking at an EU referendum campaign event, the leading Leave campaigner said Brexit would send the EU a message that Britain has solidarity with the "suffering" people of Greece, Spain and Portugal.

It was Greece that gave the world democracy, but the absence of democracy within the European Union now means that people of that great country are suffering, and yet the people who lead the European Union have never said sorry, never apologised, never admitted that they've got anything wrong.

– Michael Gove

Mr Gove said leaving the EU would also send a message about a desire to end "the misery of the single currency" and to have "democracy restored across this great continent".

He added that youth unemployment and misery in Greece has created a "desperate situation in a wonderful country".

Gove: Brexit could give Scotland new immigration powers

Michael Gove. Credit: Reuters

The Scottish parliament could get new powers over immigration if the UK leaves the EU, Michael Gove has said.

The justice secretary and leading Vote Leave campaigner told BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "Under any proposals we put forward, we believe that a points-based immigration policy, similar to the one that was actually put forward as a model for an independent Scotland by Nicola Sturgeon, would be the right approach."

However, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described Mr Gove's comments as "a fib and a half".

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