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Michael Gove set for return to backbenches

Michael Gove will not be offered a job in government, ITV News understands.

Gove: What next for the man who betrayed his colleague?

  • ITV News report by Romilly Weeks

Michael Gove has been the butt of all cartoonists' jokes since his very public betrayal of friend Boris Johnson when he left his leadership campaign and began his own.

On Thursday he was eliminated from the Tory leadership contest as he got the fewest votes from his colleagues at Westminster.

So what next for the man who wielded the knife?


Gove: 'I should be the Brexit candidate'

Conservative members should have the choice between a leadership candidate who campaigned to remain in the EU referendum, and one who campaigned to leave, according to Michael Gove - who added that he should be the Brexit candidate.

Gove came third in the first round of voting in the Tory leadership battle, behind remainer Theresa May, and leaver Andrea Leadsom.

Even though Leadsom won 66 votes to his 48, the Justice Secretary said: "I think the message I have, of optimism and hope, about Britain's bright future outside the European Union, is one that is shared by many Conservative voters and members, indeed by a majority of the country."

Teachers would not welcome 'very unpopular' Gove as PM

Teachers would not welcome the "very unpopular" Michael Gove becoming Prime Minister, the acting head of the teachers' union has told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Kevin Courtney, Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said one of Mr Gove's claims in the Leave campaign chimed with his difficult relationship with teachers while he was Education Secretary.

"(Gove) during the referendum campaign - whatever you thought about that - said that you shouldn't listen to experts. Well we certainly felt that he didn't listen to us," he said.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who succeeded Gove in the post, told Good Morning Britain she understood Mr Courtney was "representing his members" but defended her predecessor.

"Education is the great life transformer and Michael was the champion for making sure that every young child gets the best start in life," she said.


Boris Johnson heckled over EU referendum result

Boris Johnson has been heckled as he left his home in London over the EU referendum and his decision not to take part in the contest for next leader of the Conservative party.

The heckler accused him of putting his own interests before the country but not "having the guts to sort it out".

Mr Johnson dismissed the claims as "rubbish".

Asked by a journalist if he felt betrayed by Michael Gove, Mr Johnson said: "I cannot, unfortunately, get on with doing what I wanted to do, so it'll be up to somebody else now."

He added: "I wish him every possible success".

Osborne 'still Chancellor' if Gove wins Tory leadership

Michael Gove and George Osborne. Credit: PA

Michael Gove is reported to want George Osborne to stay on as Chancellor if he wins the Conservative leadership contest and becomes Prime Minister.

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