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Michael Jackson declared love of Gloucestershire in new leaked unreleased song

An unreleased Michael Jackson demo song by Michael Jackson in which he declared his love for Gloucestershire has been leaked on the internet.

The late pop star is believed to have recorded the song in 2005 and it was never released or completed, although it was apparently reworked in 2008, according to the Gloucestershire Echo.

We really had it all, oh. Hold me like you really used to. Summers in Gloucestershire. The air has changed. The city won’t light in an about you. I wish that we’ll see Gloucestershire. I wish that we’ll see Gloucestershire. I wish that we’ll see Gloucestershire, again.

– Lyrics from the song

Jackson fans to mark fifth anniversary of singer's death

Michael Jackson fans are expected to mark the fifth anniversary of the singer's death.

The singer was just 50 when he died in 2009. Credit: Reuters

Jackson died on 25 June 2009 at the age of 50, following an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol at his Beverly Hills home.

He had been due to perform at a series of comeback concerts in the UK before his death.

Jackson has previously been named as the highest-earning dead celebrity, and he topped the album charts last month with a record featuring a series of unreleased tracks.


Jackson fans win €1 compensation over singer's death

Michael Jackson pictured as he announced the This Is It tour months before his death in 2009. Credit: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

Five Michael Jackson fans have won damages after a French court agreed they had suffered "emotional damage" after the superstar's death.

The fans were awarded the symbolic sum of one Euro each Tuesday, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The group were part of a larger case of 34 fans who had sued Conrad Murray, Jackson's doctor.

Murray was jailed over the singer's death in 2011.

The plaintiffs, two from France, two from Switzerland and one from Belgium now hope their status of victims will help them with their attempts to gain access to Jackson's grave, which is private.

Dr Murray maintains he is innocent of Jackson's death

Dr Conrad Murray maintained his innocence and believes he has been "persecuted". Credit: DaybreakITV

Dr Conrad Murray feels "very sorry that Michael is dead" and described it as "a loss I will never recover from", in an interview with Daybreak.

However, he maintained his innocence and described himself as "an innocent man who has been persecuted to the maximum, sent to jail and demoralised".

Dr Murray, who was found guilty of Michael Jackson's involuntary manslaughter in 2011, expressed his condolences over the lives of the three children the pop star left behind:

"I am very very sad about Michael's children. There is no doubt about that.

"I remember Paris telling me she didn't want to be an orphan," he said.

Michael Jackson doctor released from jail

Michael Jackson's former doctor, who was convicted in 2011 of causing the singer's death, was released from prison today after serving nearly two years of a four-year sentence.

Conrad Murray has been released from prison after two years. Credit: Reuters

Conrad Murray was released from a Los Angeles jail shortly after midnight, police officials said. A change in California law allowed the former cardiologist's prison time to be significantly cut.

Murray was found guilty of causing Jackson's death in 2009 by providing the star with an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol, which was intended as a sleep aid.

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