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Michael Palin 'hardest to convince' to rejoin Pythons

The Monty Python stars got up to their old tricks, swapping their name badges, and jokingly saying that they had reformed to pay Terry Jones' mortgage.

Michael Palin was the hardest to convince to rejoin the act, according to John Cleese.

Carol Cleveland also stood up, adding that she would be playing herself in the show.

Carol Cleveland to play herself Credit: ITV News/ Nina Nannar


Michael Palin calls for more geography field trips

Children must go on geography field trips to fire their imagination and encourage them to study the subject, Michael Palin said today.

The writer, TV presenter and Monty Python star said he believes it is vital that pupils see the natural world for themselves, and suggested that it could be the case that youngsters are taken out of the classroom less often now than in the past.

Michael Palin. Credit: David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment

Ahead of a speech on geography to the Prince's Teaching Institute (PTI) later this week, in an event marking the body's 10th anniversary, Palin stressed the importance of the subject.

"Geography itself is such a wide-ranging subject," he said.