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BMW launches 'still cheeky' new Mini

The new BMW Mini has been given its world premiere today at the Oxford factory where it will be built.

Prices for the new Mini will start at £13,500. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The new car is bigger than previous versions of the British classic, with it being seven inches wider, two inches taller and two and a half feet longer than its 1959 counterpart.

The third generation Mini is larger than its predecessors. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said the new Mini was "original and still cheeky" and would appeal to "young people with their finger on the pulse."

BMW described it as "original and still cheeky". Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The new Mini will be on sale in Spring 2014, with prices starting at £13,500.

Old, rusty Mini to fetch £10,000 at auction

The 1959 Morris Mini Minor Saloon Credit: Bonhams

It's been locked away in a barn in Oxfordshire for 40 years - but this car is expected to fetch around £10,000 at auction. The 1959 Morris Mini Minor Saloon has just 47,0000 miles on the clock - but it will need some attention when it's auctioned next month.

The rusty dishevelled car is expected to attract plenty of attention as it's the 15th oldest Mini in the world. It will go to auction in Oxford on March 2.

The Mini has been locked away in a barn in Bicester for 40 years Credit: Bonhams


First person to successfully perform back flip in a car

A stuntman has become the first person ever in the world to successfully perform a back flip in a car.

The feat which took place in the French Alps, took four years of planning.

Daredevil Guerlin Chicherit completed a 360 degree backflip in his car, speeding towards the 25 ft high ramp at exactly 37 mph.

Landing safely, he is the first ever person to carry out the trick.