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TUC: More help needed to catch 'minimum wage crooks'

The TUC says companies that underpaid minimum wage staff are "cheating low-paid workers" and called on the government to allocate greater resources to catch more "minimum wage crooks".

It is shocking that so many employers – including some who pay their star players millions of pounds a year – are cheating low-paid workers out of the minimum wage.

The penalties won by HMRC – which the government has rightly decided should be even bigger – should be a clear deterrent to any bad boss thinking about short changing their staff. We also need to see more of these immoral companies named and shamed.

HMRC staff deserve credit for winning back millions of pounds for cheated employees but they need greater resources to catch the many minimum wage crooks still out there.”

– TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady

Failing to pay minimum wage is 'immoral and illegal'

Failing to pay staff the national minimum wage "is immoral and illegal" and employers caught deserve to "have their reputation ruined", the Trade Union Congress general secretary said.

It's great that minimum wage crooks are finally getting named and shamed.

Under-paying your lowest paid staff is immoral and illegal. Employers caught in the act deserve to be fined and have their reputation ruined.

This should send a clear message that dodging the minimum wage does not pay. All minimum wage cheats should be named and shamed, and HMRC need greater resources to catch even more crooks.

– Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary
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