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Royal Marine who died during Dartmoor exercise named

A Royal Marine trainee who died last week during an exercise on Dartmoor has been named as Lieutenant Gareth Jenkins.

Lieutenant Jenkins was based at the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, Devon.

He died on Thursday during a 30-mile march across upland Dartmoor which is the last major test undertaken as part of the 32-week Commando course.

Trainees must navigate the route themselves and complete it within eight hours while carrying additional safety equipment.

The Royal Navy has expressed sympathy at his death and said an investigation is currently underway.

'No threat' from Russian planes spotted near UK airspace

The Ministry of Defence has said at no time was there a perceived threat from Russia planes that were tracked flying towards UK airspace.

The two Russian Bear military aircraft were escorted by RAF Typhoon fighters after they were scrambled when the initially unidentified aircraft were spotted flying North of Scotland.

The Russia Bear military aircraft did not cross into UK airspace, an RAF spokesperson said. Credit: PA Wire

It is the latest of similar incidents involving Russian military aircraft flying close to UK airspace in recent months.

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