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Rice: Let us pray for wisdom and courage for Obama

Americans can take pride in last night's peaceful exercise of our democratic right to choose those who will lead us. We are one country, united in our beliefs and our values.

Let us pray for wisdom and courage for our President and all who were elected to office last night. God Bless America.

– Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice



Republican issues unemployment warning after Obama win

Herman Cain, who lost to Mitt Romney for the Republican's presidential nomination, has issued a harsh warning to Obama voters in the wake of the President's re-election.

Senate Democrats will deal with Republicans 'any time, any issue'

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said last night's election results show the American people want a balanced approach to deficit reduction and tax policy, Reuters has reported.

Senator Reid called for bipartisan cooperation, saying he will negotiate with Republicans "any time, any issue."

We have to sit down and go to work on it now, not wait. This was really the message the American people sent.

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