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Burqa suspect arrested and bailed '3 times in 2 years'

MPs have heard details of the history of the terror suspect who escaped surveillance last week disguised under a burqa.

Charles Farr, Director of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, told the Home Affairs committee that after arriving in the UK in March 2011, Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed was arrested and bailed three times in the space of two years:

  • Oct 2011: arrested for 14 breaches of control order. Allowed delayed prosecution until after a review.
  • Dec 2012: arrested again, for six breaches of Tpim. Remanded in custody and again released on bail.
  • July 2013: arrested again and remanded in custody. Again allowed delayed prosecution in August.
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Escaped terror suspect 'involved in attack planning'

A Commons committee has heard that Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who escaped from a mosque in West London, was involved in fighting, attack planning and recruiting for Al Shabab in Somalia.

The Home Affairs Committee is hearing evidence from David Anderson, the independent reviewer of terror laws. Anderson says Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures are not a foolproof way of keeping the population safe, adding:

"I'm troubled by the fact that there are cases which can't be prosecuted at all."

Fugitive terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed Credit: Met Police


Terror reviewer: 'dangers' to releasing terror suspects

The UK terrorism watchdog has said there are dangers to releasing possible dangerous terrorists onto the streets after two years.

But David Anderson QC said it allows focus regarding what to do with them.

He was speaking to the Home Affairs Committee, which is hearing evidence on the terror prevention measures Tpims.

It comes after fugitive terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed escaped surveillance last month by dressing in a burqa.

Terror reviewer: Tpims 'slightly unhappy compromise'

Anti-terror assessor David Anderson has said it is a concern that two terror suspects have absconded.

David Anderson QC is the independent reviewer of terror legislation Credit: PA

Speaking to the Home Affairs Committee, the UK Independent Reviewer of Terrorism called Tpims a slightly unhappy compromise.

Tpims, or Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures, were introduced last year to monitor terror suspects.

CPS: Fugitive burqa terror suspect was granted bail

Fugitive terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed - who escaped surveillance by dressing in a burqa - was granted bail in April at the Old Bailey after spending four months remanded in custody for allegedly breaching controls imposed on him, the Crown Prosecution Service said today.

Fugitive terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA

'Astonishing' May unsure if terror suspect had passport

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper told ITV News it was "astonishing" Theresa May did not know whether a terror suspect who escaped surveillance by wearing a burqa had his passport with him.

On-the-run terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who is seeking damages from the Government over torture allegations, reportedly cut off his monitoring tag with a sharp object before fleeing.

Ms Cooper said: "The idea that the Home Secretary doesn't know even whether he has his passport or not is astonishing.

"It's another sign that the TPims regime Theresa May brought in - that weakened the controls - is simply not working."


Terror suspect seeks compensation over torture claims

A High Court ruling has today revealed on-the-run terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is seeking compensation from the government over alleged torture in Somaliland.

The action was initiated before the 27-year-old evaded surveillance last Friday.

Mr Justice Irwin, sitting at London's High Court, handed down an interim ruling in the action he is bringing for compensation - the first ruling on the use of the Justice and Security Act 2013 in a civil claim for damages.

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed evaded surveillance by wearing a burqa last Friday. Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

His claim is against the Foreign Office, Home Office, Ministry of Defence and the Attorney General.

He and another man, referred to as "CF", allege the British authorities consented to - or acquiesced in - their detention by the Somaliland authorities on January 14 2011.

The men say British "officers and agents... by their acts and omissions, procured, induced, encouraged or directly caused, or were otherwise complicit in" their detention, assault and mistreatment and torture while they were in Somaliland.

Mohamed launched his damages claim under a cloak of anonymity and was referred to in court papers as "MA". But anonymity was lifted today following his disappearance.

Terror suspect on the run 'cut off his monitoring tag'

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed cut off his own monitoring tag with a sharp object before fleeing, it has been reported.

According to the BBC, the tag - imposed as part of a terrorism prevention measure - issued a "tamper alert" to its makers, the private security firm G4S.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is being hunted by counter-terrorism officers from Scotland Yard. Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

They rang the suspect and contacted the Home Office after he failed to answer. Police were alerted but he had fled.

The suspect has been on the run since last Friday after evading surveillance by leaving a London mosque wearing a burqa that covered his face and body.

ITV News understands the 27-year-old has attended an Al-Shabaab training camp and fought for them on the front line in Somalia. He has also helped those from the UK travelling to Somalia to train.

Somali-born Mohammed has also been involved with the procuring of weapons and played a role in planning attacks on Somalia and overseas.

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Boris Johnson dismisses calls for burqa ban

Boris Johnson has questioned whether burqas should be allowed in British classrooms and courts, but stopped short of suggesting a ban altogether.

The debate into the full-face veil has reopened after terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed managed to evade surveillance by leaving a London mosque wearing a burqa that covered his face and body.

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed changed into a burqa to evade survelliance.

"I certainly think it's a bit much to ask teachers or judges to deal with people who have their faces covered," he told listeners to his regular phone-in on LBC.

"That seems to me to not be how we do things in this country and it is absolutely reasonable to say that face veils, burkas, whatever, should not be acceptable in state-funded classrooms in this country and nor should they be acceptable in the system of British justice."

However, the London Mayor stated his belief that authorities should not ban items of dress altogether, and suggested that you "might as well ban balaclavas and ski masks" if the burqa was banned.

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