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Ian Brady 'condemns politically-motivated tribunal'

In the two-page letter, Brady refuses to answer questions about the Moors murders Credit: Channel 5 News

The Moors murderer Ian Brady has reportedly condemned the ruling by a mental health tribunal to keep him in a maximum security hospital, in a letter to Channel 5 News:

He appears to have written: "£250,000 wasted by Ashworth medical mediocrities manipulating a politically-motivated tribunal...designed to distract public attention from the lack of reasoned argument and pertinent evidence."

The 75-year-old also allegedly criticises the "pathetic petty abuse" from "ignorant" health professionals who gave evidence at the hearing.

A brother of one of Brady's victims has told the programme the letter "shows how twisted he is."


A funeral service for Winnie Johnson

by Juliet Bremner: ITV News Correspondent
Winnie Johnson passed away on August 20 aged 78 Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The congregation heard tributes from Winnie Johnson's grandson Stephen Prescott and the partner of another grandson, Elizabeth Bond.

They did not mention her long fight to discover where the rermains of her son Keith Bennett are buried.

Instead, they concentrated on a woman who was the centre of a large family and always had twinkle in her eye.

It was left to Canon Ian Gomersall to recall her years of courage as she pleaded to know what had happened to her boy. He said "I pay tribute to Winnie's courage and determination to bring her son back to her family."

Mother of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett to be buried

The funeral of Winnie Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett, murdered by Ian Brady, will take place in Manchester today.

78-year-old Winnie had been suffering from cancer for a number of years and passed away peacefully, but without fulfilling her final wish - to find the body of her son and give him a Christian funeral and burial.

Winnie has always maintained that Ian Brady remembers where the body was hidden and appealed to him directly to reveal the location before she died. ITV News reporter Sally Biddulph reports on the mother who never gave up her fight for her son.


Ian Brady documentary to be broadcast tonight

A TV documentary about Moors murderer Ian Brady will air tonight with the approval of Winnie Johnson's family, Channel 4 has confirmed.

Mrs Johnson, 78, whose son Keith Bennett was killed by Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964, died on Saturday without ever finding out where the 12-year-old was buried.

Moors murderer Ian Brady
Moors murderer Ian Brady Credit: PA/PA Wire

Her death came just hours after it emerged that police are investigating whether a letter exists in which Brady, 74, apparently discloses the location of Keith's body.

Brady's mental health advocate, Jackie Powell, told the documentary that Brady gave her a sealed envelope containing a letter to pass to Mrs Johnson in the event of his death.

That information was passed to police and Ms Powell, 49, was arrested on Thursday at her home in Llangennech, South Wales, on suspicion of preventing the burial of a body without lawful exercise.

Brother's plea after Winnie Johnson's death

Keith Bennett will remain "in the possession" of Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley until his body is found, the victim's brother has said.

Alan Bennett said the death of his mother, Winnie must not be seen as closure to the case as the family vowed to continue the fight to locate the remains of the 12-year-old.

Keith Bennett's body is still yet to be found. Credit: Press Association

Brady, who is 74, has been urged by police to "at last do the decent thing" and finally tell them where he buried him on Saddleworth Moor above Manchester so Keith can be given a Christian burial.

Writing on his website,, Mr Bennett, who was nine when his brother was taken off the street by Brady and the late Hindley, said: "As far as I am concerned, until Keith is found then he is still in the possession of Brady and Hindley.

"Our fear as a family is that now my mother is no longer with us, this may be seen by the police and the media as some sort of closure to the case.

"This must not be allowed to happen both out of respect for Keith and my mother's memory and for those of us who loved them both."

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