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Only one England player has heard of Morrissey

Everton left-back Leighton Baines has admitted he is the only member of the England squad who has heard of The Smiths' famous frontman Morrissey, after the team came across the singer in a hotel lobby in Miami.

Everton left-back Leighton Baines was the only England player to recognise Morrissey. Credit: PA

Baines, who is a big fan of the singer, spotted him in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami during England's week-long stay there this week and plucked up the courage to approach his idol.

Morrissey wished him and the team good luck for the World Cup in Brazil, but Baines admitted that the rest of the players were not so impressed with his star spot, as only coach Gary Neville had heard of the singer.

"I was one of the few in the squad who actually knew who he was, which was disappointing enough," the 29-year-old said. "I was the only who went over."

“We kept it really brief," he added. "I had to get really geed up just to go over and say hello to him. I don’t think anyone else in the squad even recognised him.

“Oh, Gaz Nev (Roy Hodgson's assistant Gary Neville) did, but that was it. I knew he’d played the night before and that he had a couple of gigs coming up, so I mentioned those and he wished us good luck.”

Pamela Anderson stars in new Morrissey video

US actress Pamela Anderson has teamed up with former Smiths frontman Morrissey for a video promoting his new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business.

The pair, who are both ardent animal rights campaigners, appear in the short film shot on the roof of the Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, taking in the view over Hollywood at Sunset.

The video, which sees the singer recite the words to the song Earth Is The Loneliest Planet, was unveiled on the today.

His new album, due out next month, is his first for five years.


Singer Morrissey sends first tweet after five-year wait

Former The Smiths frontman Morrissey has sent his first tweet nearly five years after his account was created.

The 54-year-old joined Twitter in 2009, according to his profile.

Cliff Richard and Tom Jones to support Morrissey

Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Tom Jones have been lined up as the unusual support acts for Morrissey when the former Smiths frontman performs two concerts in the US.

Morrissey will play two US dates with supporting acts Cliff Richard and Tom Jones Credit: PA

Morrissey announced that Sir Cliff would be his "special guest" at a concert in New York in June, with a performance with Sir Tom in Los Angeles the month before.

Richard said that he initially asked his manager if the request was a joke, but was told that the controversial Mancunian is a fan of the Living Doll singer.

Speaking to told BBC Radio 5live, Richard said: "I said, 'my initial answer is yes but can you check it's not a joke? Is there an ulterior motive?' He got hold of Morrissey's management and he said 'no, Morrissey's a fan and he'd like you to be there.' So I said 'yes please.'

"The chances of me singing for 15,000 people in New York are pretty well nil for me at the moment anyway. So I thought it would be great."

The 73-year-old said he was grateful to Morrissey, but admitted he would struggle to name any of his hits: "I couldn't tell you the titles. I've just googled him to see what kinds of crowds he plays to and what sort of show he did. I'm thinking, okay, it looks like a pop-rock show."

Morrissey's memoir tops book chart

Morrissey, pictured, discloses details on his first relationship with a man in the memoir. Credit: Adam Ihse / TT

Morrissey's memoir has outsold the latest Bridget Jones novel to top the best seller charts in its first week.

The paperback, called "Autobiography" and published by Penguin Classics, sold just short of 35,000 copies according to sales figures in trade magazine The Bookseller after its release on Thursday.

Helen Fielding's new Bridget Jones novel, Mad About the Boy, sold around 32,000 copies.

Morrissey's book sees the famously private chart star disclose details of how his first relationship with a man came in his 30s and grumble at length about the injustices of a court case about the royalties from his former band The Smiths.

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