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Vladimir Putin sends condolences to Total CEO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended his condolences to the family of Christophe de Margarie, who died in a plane crash late last night in an airport in Moscow.

The chief executive of French oil giant Total regularly travelled to Russia, and recently dined in Paris with an ally of President Putin, who is under EU sanctions. Mr Putin's spokesman said:

Vladimir Putin had known de Margerie for a long time and had maintained close working contact with him.

The president highly valued the business qualities of de Margerie, as well as his staunch commitment both to the cause of promoting Russian-French relations and their mutually beneficial diverse co-operation in general.

– Dmitry Peskov

French President Francois Hollande expressed his "stupor and sadness" at the news.

Driver involved in crash that killed Total CEO 'drunk'

The driver of the snow plow involved in a deadly plane crash that killed the chief executive of French oil company Total was drunk, Russian investigators said.

The crash occurred late last night in an airport in Moscow. A spokesperson for Russia's Investigative Committee said:

At the moment, it is already established that the driver of the snow plow was in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

– Russia's Investigative Committee

Total CEO De Margerie killed in Moscow plane crash

Christophe de Margerie. Credit: PA Wire

The chief executive of French oil firm Total has been killed in a plane crash in Moscow, airport officials confirmed.

Christophe de Margerie died in an accident at Moscow's Vnukovo airport on Monday night, a spokeswoman for the airport said.

The spokeswoman said: "Tonight, a plane crashed when it collided with a snow-clearing machine.

"Three crew members and a passenger died. I can confirm that the passenger was Total's head de Margerie"

In a statement posted on the Total website, the firm said: "The thoughts of the management and employees of the Group go out to Christophe de Margerie’s wife, children and loved ones as well as to the families of the three other victims."


Protesters place Ukrainian flag atop Moscow skyscraper

Four people who climbed a Moscow skyscraper today and attached a Ukrainian flag to its spire have been charged with vandalism by Russian police and may face three years in jail.

The protesters also managed to paint half a massive yellow star at the top of the spire with blue paint, so it resembled the yellow-and-blue national colours of Ukraine.

Photo purporting to show a man takes a 'selfie' as he holds a Ukrainian flag atop a building in Moscow Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Varlamov

A photograph on social media, which could not be verified independently, showed a man in a climbing harness, standing on top of the star, with the Ukrainian flag tied to one of its points. He appeared to be taking a "selfie".

The building is one of seven skyscrapers in the city dating back to Stalin era. The tallest of the buildings, Moscow State University, stands at 240 metres.

Moscow face sanctions over Man City racist chanting

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against CSKA Moscow for racist behaviour of their fans under Article 14 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations.

It has also opened proceedings, under Article 16, for setting off of fireworks at last night’s UEFA Champions League group stage match in Moscow against Manchester City.

The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on October 30.

'1,200 migrants held' after rioting erupts in Moscow

Police detained around 380 people following the violent riot in Moscow yesterday, attended by thousands. Credit: Reuters/ Tatyana Makeyeva

More than 1,200 people have been arrested in Russia one day after major riots in southern Moscow, the BBC reports.

The "pre-emptive" raid targeted migrants, Russian news agencies said.

Yesterday rioting erupted in Moscow after a migrant from the Caucasus was blamed for the murder of a young ethic Russia man.

A peaceful protest demanding justice for the killing of an ethnic Russia man was overwhelmed by a large group of young men, yesterday. Credit: Reuters/ Tatyana Makeyeva

Demonstrators, some chanting racist slogans, vandalised shops and smashed windows in sites known for employing migrant workers in the southern Biryulyovo area.

Several hundred residents protested peacefully, demanding justice over the killing, but a large group of young men overwhelmed the peaceful demonstration, setting fire to shopping centre and stormed a vegetable warehouse employing migrants.

Police arrested around 380 people in the protests, which continued late into the night. Credit: Reuters/ Tatyana Makeyeva

Moscow police said several officers were wounded in the riots, around 380 people were detained and a criminal case was opened.

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