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Farage: MPs deserve 50% pay rise if Britain leaves EU

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has claimed that if Britain voted to leave the European Union, MPs would deserve a 50% pay rise.

During a radio phone-in on LBC, he said if Parliament "actually ran this country", he would support an increase in MPs pay from the present £67,060 to £90,000, or even £100,000.

Nigel Farage says MPs would deserve a pay rise of up to 50% if Britain votes to leave the EU. Credit: Reuters

"If we had a sovereign parliament that actually ran this country and was directly responsible for the rules and regulations that controlled our industries, that determined whether we succeeded or failed in the world, I would have no problem in paying MPs more," Mr Farage said.

He said the increase would bring MPs wages closer to those earned by a local comprehensive headmaster and further suggested GPs' wages should be capped.

The politician will announce within a few weeks which Commons seat he will fight at the 2015 general election.

MPs to be handed a £7,600 pay rise

MPs are to be handed a £7,600 pay rise after a watchdog refused to bow to pressure from political leaders to scale back the rise at a time voters are feeling the squeeze.

The Palace of Westminster. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) will unveil its final proposals next week - including boosting MPs salaries to £74,000 from 2015 - 11 per cent higher than they get at present.

It is expected to try to temper criticism by announcing a tougher-than-expected squeeze on MPs' pensions in a bid to cancel out the £4.6 million cost to the public purse.


MPs praise Dame Tessa Jowell as she steps down

Dame Tessa Jowell's colleagues and fellow MPs took to Twitter to praise the former Cabinet minister, who is to retire at the general election.

Conservative MP blasts 'dishonourable' Lib Dems

Conservative MP Peter Bone has launched a scathing attack on the Liberal Democrats, saying that they have broken their pledge over boundary changes:

The only honourable thing the Liberal Democrats can do tonight when they do not vote with the Conservative members, is they should resign from the Government and cross the floor of the House.

If they have any principle, any honesty with them, that is what they have to do."

The only issue the party had to deal with, would we allow a vote on AV in return for the Liberal Democrats supporting us on boundary reviews, that was the deal breaker.

Our party kept to that deal, they've gone back, they are a disgrace and should be over there.

Conservatives mourn 'sad day for democracy'

Conservative MP for Croydon Central Gavin Barwell, Reading East Conservative MP Rob WIlson and Jason McCartney, Conservative MP for Colne Valley have joined members from across the House in taking to Twitter after the Government Bill to change constituency boundaries was defeated:


Nick Clegg defies Government Bill over boundaries

Nick Clegg led his Liberal Democrat MPs through the No lobby to vote down a Government Bill which would have redrawn parliamentary constituencies for the 2015 general election - a move which was expected to have been to the likely benefit of the Conservatives.

David Cameron was in Leeds for a regional Cabinet meeting yesterday Credit: Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire

In the deepest split yet between the coalition parties, Liberal Democrats combined with Labour and smaller parties to delay the implementation of the boundary review - thought to be worth about 20 extra seats in the Commons to the Tories - until 2018.

The Deputy Prime Minister initially supported the changes as part of a package of constitutional reforms, but announced last summer that his party would try to delay the review after the Tories forced the abandonment of plans to reform the House of Lords.

Labour MPs celebrate boundary vote defeat

Labour MP for North West Durham Pat Glass, Diane Abbott Labour MP for Tooting, and Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington Sadiq Khan have all taken to Twitter after the Conservatives lost a vote to change the Westminster constituency boundaries:

Former defence minister 'lets one home and claims for another'

Former defence minister Peter Luff is allegedly one of 27 MPs who are letting out property they own while claiming expenses to rent homes. Credit: PA Wire

Former defence minister Peter Luff, who was named by the newspaper as one of the 27, declined to comment on the claims.

According to the Daily Telegraph Mr Luff lets one small residential property in London he owns jointly with his wife but also claimed £17,799 in expenses for rental payments in the last financial year.

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