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Mothers vent their frustration at childcare proposals

Mothers and carers have been debating the government proposals on the Mumsnet website.

They are almost unanimously opposed to the idea of raising child-to-carer ratios and demanding higher qualifications for carers.

Here is a selection of the comments:

How can this possibly improve childcare standards? Common sense says more children, less attention per child no matter how qualified the staff. The proposal also seems to think this will lower costs. It won't. Costs per child will be the same but nursery profits will increase.

I fail to see how someone can care for four young babies adequately. I do fear it will lead to accidents or even worse ... If I had a young baby now, I would be worried all the time whilst I was at work with these proposed ratios.

I didn't get C at GCSE English and I'm a nursery nurse. But there are some childcare workers out there who have difficulty talking in sentences and I worked with one who had trouble reading. You also need a level of English to write all the lovely reports and observations and to do the planning.

Judge welcomes campaign against 'dreadful crime'

Allison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for London, said she welcomed the We Believe You campaign launched by Mumsnet to provide support for victims of sexual attacks:

Rape and sexual assault are dreadful crimes and ones that are often difficult for someone to report because of fear, shame and embarrassment. As the Mumsnet survey shows, victims can also be reticent to come forward for fear of being demonised in court and even in the media.


'One in 10 women are victims of rape'

A survey of more than 1,600 women has revealed that a tenth of those who responded had been raped and a third had been sexually assaulted. More than four in five of the victims did not report the attack to police due to concerns over low conviction rates, embarrassment and shame, the figures showed.

The survey was conducted by the parenting website Mumsnet, which is launching a campaign calling for better support for sex attack victims.


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