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FBI: Gunmen in Westgate siege in Kenya probably died

The gunmen were captured on camera firing their weapons inside deserted shops at the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi. Credit: Reuters TV

The FBI believe the four gunmen who stormed a shopping centre in the Kenyan capital Nairobi last year, killing at least 67 people, died in the attack.

The Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the September 21 attack on the Westgate Mall, which led to a three-day siege, though the fate of the gunmen has never been confirmed.

Dennis Brady, the FBI legal attache in Nairobi, said in an interview on the bureau's website: "We believe, as do the Kenyan authorities, that the four gunmen inside the mall were killed."

He added: "Our ERT (Evidence Response Team) made significant finds, and there is no evidence that any of the attackers escaped from the area where they made their last stand."


Red Cross: 39 potentially missing after Kenya attack

Kenya Red Cross has said it has received reports of 39 people still missing after the attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi.

It follows the Kenyan Interior Minister's announcement on Sunday that he does not believe there are any more hostages inside the building.

Kenya Red Cross said it is in continual contact with the relatives of those reported missing, but that 39 people have still not been accounted for.

A total of 67 people have been confirmed dead as a result of the attack.

Kenyan authorities face fresh questions over attack

by - Africa Correspondent
Kenyan soldiers and forensic officers scour the shopping centre in Nairobi for clues
Kenyan soldiers and forensic officers scour the shopping centre in Nairobi for clues Credit: Reuters

The latest question for Kenyan authorities is over an apparent warning made about an attack here around a year ago. The question: Was prior intelligence ignored?

Today the government has been speaking only about progress: Saying they have recovered one of the terrorists' cars. They say they are now certain there were 10 to 15 militants involved and that five were killed by gunfire.

But that raises another question: What happened to the others? Were they all detained or did some escape?

I understand that one theory being taken seriously by the police here is that some used their knowledge of the site and an underground tunnel to get away during the early hours of the raid.


Kenyan soldier describes 'professional' mall militants

One of the soldiers in the three-day long assault by Kenyan forces against al-Shabaab militants inside the Westgate Mall has described his experience.

He said the fighters were "more than professional" and that one of the attackers was "certainly" a woman, as Africa Correspondent Rohit Kachroo reports.

Read: Kenyan soldier describes female fighter inside Westgate mall

Kenyan soldier describes female fighter inside mall

by - Africa Correspondent

One of the soldiers involved in the three-day long battle inside the Westgate Mall described his opponents, the militants, as being "more than professional." He describes them quickly advancing then retreating as they fired indiscriminately through the corridors of the Westgate Mall.

He didn't get a glimpse of the attackers but he said that one of them was certainly a woman, he heard her voice, and he heard her scream on Monday before detonating what he believes to have been a suicide device.

Brit hero 'died offering himself as hostage to save kids'

A British man killed in the Westgate Mall attack died after attempting to offer himself as hostage to save a group of children, The Standard reports.

London-born Mitul Shah tried to negotiate with members of al-Shabaab as they targeted a group of children taking part in a TV cooking competition his company was sponsoring.

Colleagues said his efforts gave some children time to flee, though he was unable to convince the gunmen to let all of the children go free.

The father-of-one was shot dead along with a number of children, and as well as radio presenter Ruhila Adatia.

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