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Juno probe successfully enters orbit around Jupiter

The solar-powered space probe Juno has entered orbit around Jupiter to explore the giant planet, Nasa said.

The spacecraft, named after the Roman goddess, successfully completed a manoeuvre that saw it fire a rocket to slow its 150,000 mph (250,000 kph) approach to the gas giant.

Cheers and applause erupted in NASA's mission control in California when a signal arrived confirming the burn was complete.

However it will be some time before Juno begins beaming data and images back to Earth, as the spacecraft's camera and other instruments were switched off for arrival.

Juno probe begins final stage of journey to Jupiter

The Juno space probe has begun the final stage of its five-year, 1.4 billion-mile journey to Jupiter from Earth as scientists attempt to guide the spacecraft into orbit.

The automated procedure began in the early hours of Tuesday before a "giant" burn of its rocket initiated at around 4.18am to slow its approach speed from 150,000 mph (250,000 kph).

There was applause as mission control teams from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology and Lockheed Martin in Denver received data that suggested the rocket had ignited as planned.


Timelapse shows SpaceX rocket successfully landing at sea

NASA has released footage of the unmanned rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 making a third successful return to earth in under two months.

The timelapse footage from the onboard camera shows the rocket journeying back to earth and landing on an autonomous drone ship at sea.

SpaceX are testing ways to recycle boosters to lower launch costs, opening space to more people.

NASA is currently one of SpaceX's largest customers and uses the rocket to fly cargo to the International Space Station with the aim of sending astronauts next year.


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