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Lotto winner fell asleep and missed winning moment

A painter and decorator from Edinburgh, who won more than £7 million on the National Lottery, missed the moment his numbers were called out after falling asleep in front of the television.

Willie Sibbald, 48, from Moredun, only realised he was a multi-millionaire of Saturday night's Lotto Rollover draw when he spotted his winning numbers during adverts.

The 48-year-old scooped £7,084,472 in Saturday night's Lotto Rollover draw when he matched all six numbers on his Lucky Dip ticket. Credit: PA

Mr Sibbald said: "It's been such a whirlwind I've not had time to really think about what I will do with the money, but I will probably learn to drive and get myself a car.

"I played the National Lottery every week before I won and, to be honest, I think I will keep playing."


The raffle codes of eight winning lottery tickets

Eight ticket-holders have until 11pm tonight to claim £1 million or face missing out on their lottery winnings.

On July 26 last year, a National Lottery draw saw 100 UK EuroMillions players win £1 million but only 92 of the prizes have been claimed.

Every EuroMillions ticket came with a code that automatically entered players into the UK Millionaires Raffle. Here are the winning codes and where the tickets were bought:

  • Fife: CZZ474287
  • Bristol: BZQ259280
  • Blackpool and Borough of Fylde: CZZ930051
  • East Dunbartonshire: CBT475280
  • Gloucester: CBW665037
  • Bolton: CBS004223
  • Brighton and Hove: BZP410507
  • Havering in London: CBS076276

Oddest places winning lottery tickets have been found

According to the National Lottery, three of the weirdest places lottery tickets have been found are:

  • Winner Morris Mogg's ticket was found in the make-up bag of his secretary. He pocketed £1.9m in 1997.
  • Iris Jeffrey found her £20m winning ticket in a pot in a glass display cabinet in 2004.
  • Chris Jackson found £250k in a shoe box in the back of a winners car in 2000.

Lottery winners urged to come forward

Ticket holders in last summer's 100 UK Millionaires Raffle are being urged to check to see if they won without realising it.

The National Lottery is looking for the eight remaining winners of the Millionaire Raffle. Credit: PA

The National Lottery has launched an appeal for the eight remaining millionaires to come forward before 11pm tonight, or they will miss out on their winnings.

The draw, held on July 26 last year, saw 100 UK EuroMillions players each win an impressive £1 million, but with only 92 of the prizes claimed the hunt is now on to find the missing millionaires.

The missing millionaire tickets were bought in Fife, East Dunbartonshire, Blackpool & Borough of Fylde, Bolton, Bristol, City of Gloucester, Havering in London and Brighton and Hove.


New lottery prices will fund bigger wins, says organiser

A lottery ticket will now cost £2 to pay for the extra prizes Camelot wants to give out. Credit: PA

Lottery tickets will now cost £2 instead of the original £1, in the biggest shakeup of pricing since the lottery began in 1994.

Those matching three numbers will now get a £25 payout, instead of £10, and the amount paid for four numbers rises from £60 to £100.

However, wins that were traditionally bigger have been scaled down - match five numbers now brings in £500 compared to £1,000, and that for five numbers and the bonus ball halving to £50,000.

Camelot is holding two £10 million jackpot draws to mark the launch of their new game.

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