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NatWest: Online banking system 'now working again'

NatWest has said that its online banking system is now working after customers reported problems transferring money and using the site.

NatWest online service 'temporarily unavailable'

NatWest customers are continuing to report issues with transferring money as the online banking system apparently faced a glitch tonight.

Asked whether Mr Curry was receiving any error messages, he responded:


NatWest customer 'unable to make payments online'

A NatWest customer has told ITV News that there have been problems accessing the online banking site. Ben Jeffrey added that payments online are "not being authorised".

NatWest customers report online banking issues

NatWest customers are reporting problems with its online banking service, just weeks after another IT systems breakdown.

NatWest website comes under cyber attack

NatWest has apologised after a cyber attack on its website meant some customers were unable to log on today:


NatWest and RBS branches open early on Wednesday

More than 1,000 NatWest and RBS branches will open early on Wednesday after a glitch left customers unable to use credit and debit cards for three hours on Monday evening.

  1. Richard Edgar

Ex-RBS employee: Culture of fear halted IT upgrades

The problem for RBS - and frankly most of the other big banks - is that it has been under investing for years in the IT infrastructure. These are the back room computers that make all this work normally.

In fact, a lot of the systems date back to the 1980s or 1990s and one former RBS IT executive described to me a "culture of fear" within the teams there. They don't want to touch these systems because often when they do, they break.

RBS says it is tackling the IT problems, it's investing an extra £450m but with this latest collapse happening just as the Christmas spending really begins to gear up, they might be wishing they out that money in some time ago.

Customer compensation claims considered on merit

RBS Group - which represents RBS and NatWest - has said cases of customers being "out of pocket" due to the recent card payment problems will be considered on an individual basis.

Customers are asked to call their bank or visit a branch to discuss the matter with staff.

A spokesman for RBS said: "We are committed to putting this right."

  • NatWest customers should call: 0800 151 0404
  • RBS customers should call: 0800 151 0405
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