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Standards Commissioner confirms receiving Warsi letter

The Lords Commissioner for Standards has confirmed receiving a letter from Baroness Warsi, in which she asked him to investigate her expenses.

A spokesman for Paul Kernaghan said:

The Commissioner has received a letter from Baroness Warsi asking him to look into the allegations against her.

We have also had indications from a third party that they will write and complain, but we haven't received that yet.

The Commissioner has to do an initial assessment of the allegations and check whether it falls within his remit and see if it needs further investigation.

If it does he will launch a formal investigation, but we aren't at that stage yet.

It is understood that the third party mentioned is Labour MP John Mann, who said he would write to the Commissioner.


Lib Dem MP wants police called in over Baroness Warsi expenses row

Liberal Democrat backbencher Bob Russell has increased the pressure on Conservative Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi.

He thinks her expenses claim should not just be the subject of a parliamentary probe, but also a criminal investigation.

I think there's a prima facie case for this to be looked at by the police.