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Missing helicopter 'may have come down in river'

Nepalese service members load relief supplies into a U.S. Marine Corps UH-1Y Venom Credit: Reuters

A US Marines helicopter missing in Nepal with eight on board may have come down in a river, the Nepali army has been told.

A senior officer said it had received information that the chopper, which was participating in earthquake relief operations, may have come down in the Charikot area hit hard by an earthquake.

Major Rajan Dahal said 400 soldiers are taking part in the search.

"The info we have is that it is down in one of the rivers, but none of the choppers has seen it yet," he said. "There are 400-plus of our ground troops looking for it also, by this evening, we might get it."

The Marine Corps UH-1Y Huey chopper lost radio contact yesterday after its crew was heard talking about fuel problems.

At least 66 people killed in latest Nepal earthquake

A second powerful earthquake in Nepal has killed at least 66 people Credit: Reuters

The death toll in Nepal's second deadly powerful earthquake has risen to at least 66.

Panic spread yesterday as the second deadly quake in three weeks brought down buildings weakened by the first disaster.

Among those dead are 17 in neighbouring India and one in Chinese Tibet.

Most of the reported fatalities were in villages and towns east of Kathmandu, only just beginning to pick up the pieces from the April 25 quake that killed more than 8,000.

Missing helicopter crew 'were talking about fuel problems'

The crew on board a US Marine Corps helicopter missing in Nepal was overheard on the radio talking about fuel problems shortly before it disappeared, the Pentagon has revealed.

Six Marines and two Nepalese soldiers were on the chopper, which was helping with the earthquake disaster relief effort near the village of Charikot.


Search flights for missing US chopper suspended overnight

The search flights scouring the area around Charikot village in Nepal for a missing US helicopter have been suspended because of darkness, the Pentagon has said.

Six US Marines and two Nepalese soldiers were on board the chopper when it disappeared while helping with the earthquake disaster relief effort.

Ground searches by the Nepalese army are continuing.

Nepal rocked by second devastating quake in a month

The people of Nepal were forced to run for their lives for the second time in a month, as another major earthquake triggered landslides and felled buildings.

In the latest tragedy to hit an already-damaged nation, dozens were killed and hundreds more injured as the 7.3 magnitude tremors shook the region.

ITV News international affairs editor Rageh Omaar reports:

US Marine Corps chopper reported missing in Nepal

A US Marine Corps helicopter has been reported missing while helping the earthquake relief effort in Nepal, according to US Pacific Command.

Army Major David Eastburn said the UH-1 Huey chopper went missing in the vicinity of Charikot village.

Military personnel were responding to the disappearance, he added.

Charikot was among the worst-hit villages in the 7.3 magnitude earthquake which hit earlier today - the second major quake in a month.

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