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India pledges £637m extra to help Nepal recover

India has pledged an extra $1 billion (£637m) to Nepal for reconstruction works following two devastating earthquakes in the country, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has revealed.

Speaking at a donor conference also attended by China, Swaraj said the money - a quarter of which comes in the form of grants - took India's help to the neighbouring nation to $2bn (£1.3bn).


Nepal: UK orders return of unused RAF helicopters

The RAF Chinooks were sent at the start of the month. Credit: MoD/Crown copyright

The British government has ordered the return of three RAF Chinooks sent to Nepal after they were left grounded in India for two weeks.

The helicopters were sent to assist the relief effort, but the Ministry of Defence said it was "disappointed" that they would not be used to support the distribution of aid.

It added, however, that "all decisions in relation to the relief effort are ultimately for the Government of Nepal to take".

US military confirms wreckage is that of missing chopper

A US military team has confirmed that wreckage found in the mountains of Nepal is that of a missing Marine helicopter.

The US Pacific Command said the crashed UH-1Y Huey chopper was found around eight miles (13km) north of Charikot town, one of the areas worst-hit by two devastating earthquakes in the past month.

The helicopter came down in the mountains near Charikot, Nepal Credit: Reuters

Spokesman Army Major Dave Eastburn said the site was still being assessed and an investigation was underway to try to establish how the craft came down. It had been assisting in the relief operation at the time it went missing.

He did not make any comment on the fate of the six Marines and two Nepali soldiers who were on board the helicopter at the time of the crash, but officials in Nepal have said there were no survivors.

'No survivors' on crashed US helicopter in Nepal

There are no survivors on board a US Marine helicopter which crashed while delivering aid in earthquake-hit Nepal, the government's top defence official has revealed.

A UH-1Y Huey chopper, similar to the one which went missing Credit: Reuters

Six Marines and two Nepali soldiers had been on board the UH1Y Huey when it lost radio contact on Tuesday. After an intensive search operation, it was spotted in the mountains near the village of Ghorthali earlier today.

Nepal Defence Secretary Ishwori Prasad Paudyal said three charred bodies had been found in the wreckage of the craft.

The search for others is continuing. As the helicopter has broken into pieces and totally crashed there is no chance of any survivors.

– Ishwori Prasad Paudyal, Nepal Defence Secretary

'Three bodies found' near crashed US chopper in Nepal

Three bodies have been found near the wreckage of a US Marine helicopter which went missing while on an aid mission in Nepal, according to the country's defence secretary.

The UH-1Y Huey was spotted in the mountains, near the village of Ghorthali, at an altitude of 11,200 feet, according to Major General Binoj Bashnet.

Six Marines and two Nepali soldiers were on board the chopper when it lost radio contact, after its crew was heard over the radio talking about fuel problems.

A US military spokeswoman in Kathmandu said she could not confirm or deny the discovery.


Wreckage of missing US chopper found in Nepal

The wreckage of a missing US Marine helicopter has been spotted in the mountains of Nepal by the country's army, The Associated Press reports.

The UK1Y Huey chopper went missing on Tuesday near the village of Charikot while helping with the post-earthquake relief mission.

Six Marines and two Nepali soldiers were on board when it lost radio contact, after its crew was heard over the radio talking about fuel problems.

Nepal PM gives up helicopter seat to save woman's life

Nepal's Prime Minister today helped British paramedics save an injured woman by sacrificing his seat on his helicopter to her, during a visit to one of the areas worst affected by two major earthquakes.

The woman had been taken to Charikot village in Dolakha district after being hit on the head by falling debris in the most recent quake on Tuesday, which measured in at 7.3 on the Richter scale.

Prime Minister Sushuil Koirala (inset) was visiting Charikot village when he heard about the woman's condition and sacrificed his seat on the helicopter Credit: Reuters

Her condition had deteriorated over the past two days, and she was being given oxygen by the paramedics when Prime Minister Sushil Koirala was flown in.

The paramedics revealed they had begged his aides to inform him of the woman's condition - and as soon as they relented, Koirala immediately ordered the woman be loaded onto the chopper and flown to hospital.

I said 'If I stop doing this, this lady will die. Do you understand?' Within seconds, Nepalese soldiers dashed out of the tent, loaded the woman on to a stretcher and put her on board the helicopter.

– Paramedic Phil Llewellyn, from Worcester

Koirala waited in the village for the helicopter to return and pick him up.

Earthquake death toll tops 100, officials confirm

The death toll from the second earthquake to hit Nepal in a matter of weeks has reached 108, officials have revealed.

The number killed in Nepal in Tuesday's 7.3 magnitude tremors has risen to 91, with 17 people also killed in neighbouring India and another 2,428 injured.

It comes less than a month after a 7.8 strength quake, which left 8,000 people dead and many thousands more badly hurt.

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