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New York stock exchange stopped over technical issues

Trading has been suspended at the New York Stock Exchange over technical issues.

Denying that the stoppage was due to cyberattack, the NYSE said it "chose to suspend trading on NYSE to avoid problems arising from our technical issue".

New York Stock Exchange trading suspended

The New York Stock Exchange has suspended trading in all stocks, for unknown reasons.

A NYSE spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment, though some reports are blaming earlier technical issues.

US government officials have told NBC News that there is no indication that the shutdown is not related to cyberattack.


Twitter avoids 'Facebook flop' after shares debut

Twitter shares fell 4.6% on the day after going on sale for the first time. The stocks traded at 70% above their IPO price, avoiding the flop experienced by its social media rival Facebook last May.

Facebook shares slumped dramatically in the first few weeks after their stock exchange debut.

Shares in Twitter went on sale Thursday and almost doubled in value from its opening price offer of $26 (£16.26).

How much does Twitter 'owe' you?

Many tweeters have noticed that their posts are helping the social networking site increase in value, so TIME magazine has created a calculator that works out how much Twitter 'owes' you.

TIME magazine has created a calculator that tells you how much Twitter 'owes' you. Credit: TIME Magazine

Share prices in the company have rocketed above the $50 mark meaning Twitter's value is over $24 billion (nearly £15bn).

ITV News has tweeted 60,599 times which, according to the calculator, means $279,128 (£173,651) is 'owed' to us.

However, popstar Justin Bieber - who was recently overtaken by Katy Perry in Twitter followers - is 'owed' a staggering $20,923,841 (over £13m) by the company.

Twitter doubles in value despite never turning a profit

Shares in Twitter went on sale today and almost doubled in value from its opening price offer of $26. The social networking site has never turned a profit, despite being worth $19 billion tonight.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "TWTR", shares opened at $45.10 (£28.11), 73% above their IPO.


Tweets worth an 'extra £16.06 to businesses'

Twitter can help generate an additional £16.06 ($25.62) per tweet in revenue for businesses, according to online marketing data company SumAll, as the social media site made its successful debut on the New York stock market today.

Here are some key figures from the analysis:

  • A single business tweet on average generates an additional £16.06 ($25.62) in revenue, compared to not tweeting at all
  • Overall, successfully integrating Twitter into digital marketing efforts increases total revenue by 1-2%
  • Comparatively, however, it found that Instagram followers are worth 10 times more than on Twitter

Twitter must 'turn Tweets into dollars' to continue rise

Twitter has made a "stunning" debut on the New York Stock Exchange, said a ETX Capital market strategist, as shares opened at $45.10. It meant that just seven years after starting up, the micro-blogging site was worth $31 billion. Ishaq Siddiqi added:

Although we have seen a staggering entry by Twitter today, unless management can continue to reassure the market that this company's growth profile looks as phenomenal as they claim, we could see the stock drift lower.

It's all about turning those Tweets into dollars now.

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