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Father of forced labourer urges victims to speak out

The father of a man who was forced to labour on a farm without pay for 13 years has called his son's ordeal "appalling" and said it has "caused a lot of harm".

Urging the public to be vigilant, he said that "this form of slavery could be happening right under your noses," and urged anyone who suspects they may be a victim of slavery to call the police on 101.


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Police: This kind of exploitation has no place in modern society

Darrell Simester Credit: Wales News

Gwent Police have paid tribute to the '"remarkable courage and resilience" of Darrell Simester as Dan Doran Jnr was jailed for four-and-a-half years.

The years of exploitation of Darrell Simester by Dan Doran Jnr was an appalling betrayal, which took advantage of Darrell’s vulnerable and timid nature.

This conviction is a culmination of the Police, CPS and partners working closely together, and the strength and fortitude of the Simester family. Throughout this investigation and trial, Darrell and his family have shown remarkable courage and resilience and I again pay tribute to them for their determination to help to bring an offender to justice.

I sincerely hope that they can now move on with their lives.

Whilst this kind of prosecution is rare, incidents of slavery, servitude and forced labour continue to be identified across the UK. The police remain committed to working with partners in supporting vulnerable victims and prosecuting the offenders.

This kind of exploitation has no place in our modern society.

– Detective Superintendent Paul Griffiths, Gwent Police

Newport farmer sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison

Newport farm owner David Dan Doran, 42, has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for forced labour.

He pleaded guilty to forcing a missing man, Darrell Simester, to labour on a farm for 13 years without pay.

Mr Simester, 44, said he lived in a rat-infested shed for a decade and would wash himself in an animal trough after working 15-hour days.

His parents Tony and Jean described their eldest child as unrecognisable and looking more like a man in his nineties when reunited with him.

Judge: Defendant did not treat man 'much better than a slave'

The judge has begun delivering the sentence in the case of a farmer, David Doran, who forced a man to work for free over a period of 13 years.

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports from Cardiff Crown court:

Labourer would have earned £200K had he been paid

The judge has said that had Darrell Simester been paid for his work, he would have earned around £200,000 over the period covered by the indictment.

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports from Cardiff Crown Court:


Forced labour victim was 'scared of being hurt'

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports from Cardiff Crown court:

Forced labour victim was made to wash in a trough

Cardiff Crown Court is hearing evidence in the sentencing of David Doran, 42, who has pleaded guilty to forcing a man, Darrell Simester, to perform unpaid labour for 13 years.

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

  1. Rupert Evelyn: ITV News Wales Correspondent

Peace marchers to deliver petition to Nato summit

The peace march here in Newport is on its way to the Celtic Manor Resort.

It is a three-mile march from the Cenotaph in Newport to Nato summit itself.

Protestors marching through Newport, Wales Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The march is unified really in its opposition to what Nato is doing in various parts of the world, from Ukraine to Afghanistan. They are concerned about issues in Iraq, in Iran and in Syria.

Demonstrator gather at the Ceontaph in Newport ahead of the march Credit: ITV News

We think there are probably around about 500 protesters, and the plan is when they reach the Celtic Manor, about three or four protesters will be allowed to hand over a petition which will then be taken to the summit itself.

Bird's eye shot of the march
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