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Funeral held for Newtown gunman Adam Lanza

The gunman who killed 27 people and himself in Newtown, Connecticut, was buried at a private service over the weekend, a spokesman for his father said.

Gunman Adam Lanza killed 27 people including 20 children and his mother Nancy. Credit: NBC News

Peter Lanza claimed the body of his 20-year-old son Adam, the spokesman added.

Connecticut's chief medical examiner released Lanza's body on December 27.

The day after the second-deadliest school shooting in US history, Peter Lanza said in a statement: "Like so many of you, we are saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired."

Update: Reuters have issued a correction on this story. Adam Lanza's body has been collected but not buried.


Body of Connecticut shooter collected for burial

Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne H Carver II told the Hartford Courant the remains of Adam Lanza were claimed several days ago by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.

A candle-lit memorial service is held to remember the victims of the US school shootings. Credit: Reuters

Twenty-year-old Lanza killed 20 first-graders and six members of staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on December 14.

He also killed his mother, Nancy, at their home before going on the rampage and then committing suicide.

A private funeral for Mrs Lanza was held in New Hampshire earlier this month.

Utah teachers given gun training after Newtown

Teachers in the US state of Utah have been offered free training in handling guns in the wake of the deadly Newtown school shooting.

Gun-rights activists provided 200 teachers with six hours of training in the use of concealed weapons at an event on Thursday.

Teachers in Utah were given training in handling a gun following the Newtown massacre Credit: APTN

Kelly Hansen, a special education teacher from Salt Lake City in Utah, told Reuters, "I feel like I would take a bullet for any student in the school district".

"If we should ever face a shooter like the one in Connecticut, I'm fully prepared to respond with my firearm", she added.

The move comes after the National Rifle Association (NRA) proposed placing an armed officer at every school in the US following the deaths of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Sandy Hook staff member talks of shooting horror

A member of staff from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has spoken of how her life was saved by a fellow staff member as a gunman fired shots at staff and pupils just over a week ago.

In total 27 people - including 20 children - were killed in the shootings. Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, attacked the school, then killed himself on December 14.

Becky Vigalla told Reuters she is " very proud to work at Sandy Hook School" and that "so many heroes were there that day."


NRA makes school guns call on American television

The executive Vice President for US gun lobby the NRA has spoken on American television, repeating the NRA's belief that armed police should be posted in US schools following the Sandy Hook school shootings.

Speaking on NBC's Meet the Press, Wayne LaPierre said parents across America would feel better if armed police were stationed at their children's schools.

On Friday protesters interrupted the NRA's news conference, where the gun lobby outlined its plans to combat gun attacks in schools.

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NRA position on bearing arms remains unchanged

The CEO of gun lobby the National Rifle Association is today defending his comments after the Sandy Hook shootings. Wayne LaPierre says again gun control "won't work".

Speaking to NBC he says again "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun".

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA, speaks during a news conference in Washington. Credit: Reuters/Joshua Roberts

He says banning assault weapons and large magazines would NOT work in reducing mass shootings. The NRA head refuses to say he would support gun control.

So the NRA position is completely unchanged. No support for gun control, no banning assault weapons and no stronger background checks.

Supporters of more gun control says the position of the gun lobby the NRA is extreme and out of touch.

Candle-lit vigil held to remember US shooting victims

A candle-lit vigil has been held in Newtown, Connecticut to remember the 26 people killed in the Sandy Hook school shootings last week.

People attend a candlelight vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in Newtown, Connecticut. Credit: REUTERS/ERIC THAYER
A boy takes part in the candle-lit vigil a week after the Sandy Hook school shootings. Credit: REUTERS/ERIC THAYER
People attend a candlelight vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in Newtown, Connecticut. Credit: REUTERS/ERIC THAYER
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