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PM discussed mentioning son Ivan in speech with wife

David Cameron discussed the portion of his speech which alluded to his son Ivan with his wife before using him as an example in the Prime Minister's attack on Labour.

Commentators remarked that Mrs Cameron looked teary-eyed during the section

The Prime Minister said his family know more than most how important the NHS is after going to hospital "night after night" with their disabled son, who was born with a rare genetic condition and died in 2009, aged six.

Aides said Mr Cameron had discussed with his wife whether to include the passage in his speech and that Samantha was "very strongly and personally passionate" about the need to discuss the NHS and its effect on their lives.

For me, this is personal: I am someone who has relied on the NHS and whose family knows more than most just how important it is. Who knows what it is like when you go to hospital night after night with a sick child in your arms knowing that when you get there, there are people who will love that child and care for that child just as if it was their own.

How dare they suggest I would ever put that at risk for other people's children. How dare they frighten those who rely on our National Health Service.

– David Cameron

PM's tax allowance pledge 'shameless copy' of Lib Dem policy

Raising the level of the personal allowance has been the signature Liberal Democrat tax policy, and David Cameron's announcement has been branded "shameless" by a Liberal Democrat Cabinet minister.

Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander said:

The Tories' shameless attempt to copy Liberal Democrat tax policy will be utterly incredible to the millions of working people who they have made clear will be their main target for cuts in the next Parliament.

The Conservatives opposed increases to the tax threshold at the last election. The big tax cuts for 25 million working people in this Parliament have only been delivered because of the determination and commitment of Liberal Democrats to fight for them every day. The Conservative plan to raise the higher rate threshold to £50,000 means that the working-age poor are being asked to fund a tax cut that is four times greater for higher-rate taxpayers than for basic rate taxpayers.


TUC: PM's tax plan is all about helping the better off

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said the Conservatives' policies will make things worse for poor Britons.

The policies announced this week will make things worse. The Chancellor promised to take cash from the working poor to pay for tax breaks for the richest pensioners.

And the Prime Minister's tax plan is all about help for the better off. Raising the personal allowance and the higher rate tax threshold both help those well above poverty levels. Many minimum wage workers already pay no income tax and even those that do are likely to lose more from benefit changes and from continuing to pay higher VAT.

No amount of dressing up can hide the fact that the policies in this speech pass by those who need the most help to reward richer voters. RIP compassionate Conservatism.

– Frances O'Grady

Labour MPs question cost of Cameron's pledges

Labour MPs have been quick to ask how David Cameron will fund many of the pledges he made in his speech at the Conservative party conference.

Tory support for Cameron speech full of 'huge substance'

Conservative MPs and Ministers have taken to Twitter to share their pleasure after David Cameron's key-note speech at the party conference in Birmingham.


Cameron: How dare Labour lie about our NHS record

David Cameron has accused Labour of 'spreading lies' about his party's record on the NHS.

His personal plea about his love of the health service earned the Prime Minister his first standing ovation of the key-note speech.

From Labour last week, we heard the same old rubbish about the Conservatives and the NHS. They were spreading complete and utter lies.

I just think how dare you. The Labour Party which gave us the scandal of Mid Staffs, elderly people begging for water and dying of neglect.

How dare they suggest I would ever put that at risk for other people's children. How dare they frighten those who rely on our National Health Service.

– David Cameron

Cameron: Will 'scrap Human Rights Act once and for all'

The Conservatives will get rid of the European Human Rights Act if re-elected, David Cameron has told his party.

Mr Cameron said that since the law was written: "interpretations of that charter have led to a whole lot of things that are frankly wrong. Rulings to stop us deporting suspected terrorists...and now they want to give prisoners the vote."

So at long last, with a Conservative government after the next election, this country will have a new British Bill of Rights to be past in our parliament, rooted in our values and as for Labour's Human Rights Act - we will scrap it once and for all.

– David Cameron

Cameron unveils key Conservative election pledges

David Cameron during his keynote speech to delegates at the Conservative Party annual conference. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Prime Minister David Cameron made several pledges if the Conservatives are re-elected during his key-note speech at the party conference, the key points include:

  • Raising the personal tax allowance, the rate at which people start paying tax, to £12,500
  • Raising the threshold for the country's 40% rate of income tax from £41,900 to £50,000
  • Scrapping exclusive zero hours contracts
  • The UK would have the most competitive corporate tax rates in the G20
  • Protecting spending on the NHS for a further five years
  • Scrapping the Human Rights Act

Cameron's conference speech 'one of his best'

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby is watching David Cameron's speech at the party conference in Birmingham.

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