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Highlights of Nick Clegg's appearance on Leaders Live

Nick Clegg is the fourth political party leader to answer young voters' questions as part of Leaders Live - the country's first series of Q&As streamed on YouTube.

The Liberal Democrat leader spoke about minimum wages, zero-hours contracts, tuition fees, mental health and immigration among other issues.

Here are some highlights from the live Q&A:


Clegg calls for Blair to face questions over CIA report

Nick Clegg has called for Tony Blair and Jack Straw to give evidence about the UK's role in a brutal CIA-led interrogation and torture programme that was revealed last week..

The Deputy Prime Minister said those in charge at the time that CIA torture took place must answer questions about any British involvement and anyone found to have been complicit in torture must face the "full rule of the law."

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg says Tony Blair and Jack Straw must face questions over CIA torture Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

He said: "The next pragmatic step is to let the police get on with their work as soon as possible but also ... to go, as Malcolm Rifkind has said, in pursuit of the truth without any fear or favour, including calling as witnesses, as individuals who need to be further questioned, politicians who were in charge ... of the government at the time."

Osborne: Welfare cuts 'a price that works for our country'

Deeper welfare cuts are "a price that works" to restore the UK economy and create more jobs, George Osborne insisted in the latest salvo of a public spat between the coalition government parties over spending plans.

The Chancellor hit back after his Liberal Democrat deputy at the Treasury Danny Alexander claimed the Tories would "inflict unnecessary pain" on the country by shrinking the state.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Osborne said:

We are going to have to make savings... we are going to have to cut certain welfare bills like benefits that go to working-age people. But the prize is economic stability, growth, jobs in the future, brighter future, I think that's a price that works for our country.

– George Osborne

Danny Alexander wades into coalition row

Danny Alexander has accused the Conservative Party of "pandering to Ukip" in a pre-election "panic" as the coalition colleagues continue to trade blows.

Danny Alexander has accused the Conservative Party of 'pandering to Ukip' Credit: PA

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury claimed the Tories would "inflict unnecessary pain" on the country because they were "ideologically committed" to shrinking the state and had a policy of "austerity forever".

In an article for The Daily Telegraph, he wrote: "It is sad to see the Conservatives move away from the sensible, balanced approach of the coalition, to a more doctrinaire policy that would inflict unnecessary pain on the people of Britain."

Cameron and Clegg clash over economy

David Cameron has accused the Liberal Democrats of being "all over the place" in their economic plan, in the latest coalition division following George Osborne's Autumn Statement last week.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg Credit: PA

The Chancellor said yesterday that his Liberal Democrat colleagues would cause "economic chaos" if they came to power and today the Prime Minister emailed his party hailing a "distinctively Conservative Autumn Statement."

"The Liberal Democrats are all over the place, unable to decide whether they want to stick to the plan or veer off it," Mr Cameron wrote. "And they - like Ukip - would be prepared to prop up a failing Labour Government.

"In contrast, the Conservatives offer a long-term economic plan that is working."


Clegg missed Autumn Statement 'as more use elsewhere'

Nick Clegg has hit back at claims he missed the Autumn Statement to distance himself from George Osborne's policies, saying he put himself to "much greater use elsewhere".

Clegg reiterated that he had sat "dutifully" in the Commons during Autumn Statements "for close to half a decade" and stressed he does not regret missing it "at all".

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg did not attend the Commons for the Autumn Statement. Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

"You can't really win can you?" the Deputy Prime Minister said.

"People say politicians like me spend too much time in the Westminster bubble and then when you leave the Westminster bubble you're criticised for doing so".

Clegg: Tories of 'kidding themselves' on the economy

Nick Clegg has accused the Conservatives of "kidding themselves" on the economy.

The Deputy Prime Minister told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that he disagreed with his coalition partner's outlook on the economy, saying their plans were "impossible."

Deputy Nick Clegg responds to Chancellor George Osborne's attack. Credit: BBC/The Andrew Marr Show

"I just think the Conservatives are kidding themselves and seeking to kid British voters if they are claiming that it is possible to balance the books, deliver unfunded tax cuts, shrink the state and support public services," Clegg said.

"It just doesn't add up," he said following George Osborne's scathing attack on the Lib Dems.

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