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Increased checks 'part of evolving review of defences'

Increased security at UK airports is not just a "blip for a week", but part of an evolving review of the UK's terror defences, the Deputy Prime Minister says.

Security is being increased in British airports after the US warned of a new bomb which could evade existing checks and scanners.

Security has been increased in UK airports in light of the latest threat. Credit: PA Wire

The heightened checks were not expected to cause significant disruption to passengers, the Department for Transport said.

"I don't want people to think this is a blip for a week; this is part of an evolving and constant review about whether the checks we have in airports keeps up with what we know from intelligence about the nature of the threats we face," Nick Clegg said on LBC.

"People should not be unduly panicked or concerned but this is the world we now live in. This won't be the last time that further adjustments are made because we are having to constantly evolve our own defences in view of the evolving way people want to attack us."

Clegg: UK must work with US on terror threat response

Nick Clegg has told Good Morning Britain it is "very important" that Britain works with the US to ensure a response to "credible" new terror threats.

Following the news that security measures at UK airports will be increased, the Deputy Prime Minister said, "We will play our part, as will other countries, to make sure that where security checks can be tightened up, they will be tightened up."

Asked if there was an increased terror threat, Mr Clegg said: "There's always a shifting contest if you like where people who want to do us harm are trying to find new ways of doing so.

"We need to anticipate that and ... try and deal with the new ways in which they are trying to do us harm."


Abuse inquiry 'no surrogate' for full police investigation

Nick Clegg has told Good Morning Britain that a public inquiry into allegations of historical child abuse in Westminster would be "no surrogate" for a full police investigation.

Asked if he would like to see an inquiry launched, the Deputy Prime Minister said: "I'm like everybody, I just want the truth to come out and justice to be done".

"When we're dealing with allegations of such a serious criminal nature, I don't think there's any surrogate, really, for allowing the police to get to the bottom of what happened."

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Carers save taxpayer 'more than the NHS budget'

Carers save the UK "more than the NHS budget" by looking after a sick relative or friend for free and deserve some sort of Government recognition, Nick Clegg has said.

The Liberal Democrats are promising a "no strings attached bonus" of £250 every year to carers if they get into power at the next election.

It is estimated that six in ten of us will at some point in our lives find ourselves caring for someone else - an elderly relative, a sick child, a friend who needs our support.

Obviously this makes a massive difference to the people being cared for - but Carers UK calculated that it saves us a whopping £119 billion every year - more than the entire NHS budget.

These are people who deserve our support even in these straitened times, which is why the Liberal Democrat manifesto will include a Carer's Bonus to give them a little extra help.

– Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg: 'We don't want Qatada back in the UK'

Nick Clegg has said the Government does "not want" Abu Qatada back in the UK, even if a Jordanian court has found him not guilty of a charge of conspiring to commit terrorism.

The cleric, who was extradited from the UK last July, is still facing a further charge in Jordan and remains in custody there.

Nick Clegg said Qatada 'needed to face justice' in the UK. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Lib Dem leader told his weekly phone-in on LBC radio; “It was important that we sent Abu Qatada back to Jordan after lengthy delays.

"What is clear to me is that he needed to face justice and he needed to face justice outside of this country, and that’s what this government achieved,"

"We need to have to have a close look at this ruling. But we don’t want this man back," he added.

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Nick Clegg: Access to qualified teacher 'a basic right'

Children have "a basic right" to a qualified teacher and core curriculum, even if they are attending a free school or academy, according to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Nick Clegg said the Liberal Democrats wanted more qualified teachers in free schools and academies.

Liberal Democrats want more teachers and schools to enjoy freedom from Whitehall diktats.

But that does not mean parents and children should not have some basic safeguards.

There is no reason why a child attending an academy or free school should not enjoy the same basic right to be taught by a qualified teacher or to follow a core curriculum as any other child.

These changes will guarantee parents that, whichever school their child attends; they will enjoy a world-class education that will help them fulfil their potential.

– Nick Clegg

Jamie Oliver issues obesity challenge to Clegg

Jamie Oliver has challenged Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to make a personal commitment to reducing childhood obesity by 5% within five years.

The celebrity chef issued the challenge in a recorded message on the Lib Dem leader's Call Clegg radio show on LBC.

Clegg said that his pledge of free school meals for young pupils should help improve children's diets, but declined to commit himself to a particular target.

In his message, Oliver claimed anything less than 5% would be "morally wrong."

Asked if he would back the target, Clegg said, "Whether it's 5%, whether it's 7%, I can't pluck a percentage out of thin air. Maybe we should go for more than 5%."

Nick Clegg: Queen's Speech about securing the recovery

Nick Clegg has said the Queen's Speech was about securing the economic recovery and giving everyone in the UK the opportunity to "get on in life".

In a video message, the Deputy Prime Minister pointed to policies such as subsidised childcare, pension reforms and building more energy-efficient homes as examples of how the Government is helping ordinary families.

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Clegg & Cable share a pint a week after Oakeshott poll

Nick Clegg shared a drink today with Business secretary Vince Cable, a week after an internal party poll was leaked to the Guardian, suggesting the Liberal Democrat leader would lose his seat in 2015.

Lord Oakeshott, who has now resigned from the Liberal Democrats, privately commissioned surveys in several constituencies that showed a collapse in support for the party since 2010.

Both visited a local pub today, to highlight new government legislation to help pub landlords tackle unfair treatment from pub companies.

Nick Clegg and Vince Cable enjoy a pint together to promote new legislation for publicans. Credit: ITV News

Asked if the pub meeting was a show of Liberal Democrat unity within the party, Clegg said:

"No, Vince and I have worked together for years as party colleagues, as old friends and will continue to do so.

"We have had a really difficult time of it but we are determined to work together to learn any lessons. I think the team is very united."

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