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Nigel Farage on Putin: I don't like the man

Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage have clashed over British foreign policy regarding Ukraine, Russia and Syria.


Farage turns Putin problem into UK not getting involved in foreign adventures. #europedebate

Mr Farage also attempted to clarify comments he made about Russian president Vladimir Putin, saying he admired him "as an operator" but not as a man.

Nigel Farage admires 'Putin as a leader'

Farage: Syria rebels 'more than likely' behind gas attacks

In an interview with BBC News, Ukip leader Nigel Farage said it was "more than likely" that it was Syrian rebels, not pro-Assad forces, responsible for chemical attacks in the country.

Asked about comments he made recently in support of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Mr Farage said:

We were about to go to war in Syria because poison gas - sarin gas - had been used, and everybody in London and Washington and Brussels assumed it had been used by Assad.

And Putin said, 'Hang on a second, don't be so sure.'

It turns out it's more than likely it was the rebels that used the gas.

If Putin hadn't intervened, we would now be at war in Syria.

United Nations human rights investigators said that evidence suggested that those responsible for March 2013 attacks in Damascus "likely had access to the chemicals weapons stockpile of the Syrian military."

Lib Dem president: Clegg backs 'bedroom tax' change

The Liberal Democrats wants to see the so-called 'bedroom tax' changed so that people do not face moving out of their home with nowhere to go, the party's president has told ITV News.

Current policy means social housing tenants who have a spare room face having their housing benefit reduced.

Speaking to Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship, Tim Farron said Nick Clegg shared "the view that this is something that we want to see changed".

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Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage set for second TV debate

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and Ukip's Nigel Farage go head-to-head for the second time tonight in a televised debate on the UK's membership in Europe.

Polls suggested Farage "beat" the Deputy Prime Minister during the first clash last week, which included debating immigration figures and the number of laws from Brussels.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg faced off in the first debate last week.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg faced off in the first debate last week. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

But Mr Farage was criticised over recent days after he named Russian President Vladimir Putin as the world leader he admires most.

Ukip membership is said to have surged over 25,000 in last Wednesday's LBC Radio-hosted debate last Wednesday.

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Clegg: Farage views on Putin 'utterly grotesque'

Nick Clegg has described Nigel Farage's comments on his admiration for Vladimir Putin's leadership skills as "utterly grotesque".

Ukip leader Farage told GQ magazine the Russian president approach's to the Syria crisis had been "brilliant", but Clegg said the comments showed how "extreme his views have become".

Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg take part in a debate on the European Union. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

The Deputy Prime Minister said: "I just think it is utterly grotesque that Nigel Farage apparently admires someone, Vladimir Putin, who has been the chief sponsor and protector of one of the most brutal dictators on the face of the planet, President Assad.

"I just think if your hatred of all things to do with the European Union leads to such a morally perverse conclusion - that you admire the one leader in the world who could have reined in President Assad - it really shows quite how extreme his views have become."

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Nick Clegg 'so chuffed' as gay marriage legalised

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the legalisation of same-sex marriage was "a great step forward".

"It's a landmark day," he said. "I am so chuffed about this change in the law."

"It's just a simple idea that if two people love each other it doesn't matter that they're the same sex - if they love each other and want to show that commitment towards each other through marriage, they should be able to do so."

Clegg: 'Hardening consensus' on greater devolution

Nick Clegg is expected to say later:

Just as it is right that we must explain the risks and consequences of Scotland voting to leave the union, we must also set out the opportunities of voting to stay.

The prospect of remaining in the UK must be just as thrilling as the drama of leaving it.

Rejecting independence will not be choosing the status quo. It must, I believe, be a giant leap towards our long-held liberal vision: home rule.

The debate over Scotland's future has meant the opportunity to deliver it has never been greater.

There is now an ever-hardening consensus between the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives over greater devolution to Scotland.

The comments come one week after Scottish Labour held its conference with a focus on plans for greater devolution.

Clegg to hint at more devolution if Scotland votes no

Nick Clegg will speak in Aberdeen today. Credit: PA.

Unionist parties are coming closer to broad agreement on more devolution for Scotland as an alternative to independence, according to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Nick Clegg is expected to claim there is an "ever hardening consensus" between Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives, when he addresses his party conference in Aberdeen today.

The referendum on September 18 is about capturing imaginations, he will tell the Scottish Lib Dem conference.

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