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Nick Clegg begins marathon bid for UK seats

Nick Clegg is embarking on a Land's End to John O'Groats campaign marathon in a last ditch effort to save as many Liberal Democrat seats as possible at the General Election.

In a final push aimed at defying national opinion polls which suggest his party could suffer a mauling at the hands of the electorate on Thursday, Mr Clegg will take his battle bus on a 1,000 mile journey across Britain.

ITV News' Emily Morgan is travelling with the Liberal Democrat leader:

Poll: Clegg to keep seat thanks to Tory tactical vote

Credit: Reuters

Nick Clegg is on course to retain his Commons seat at the General Election - thanks in large part to Conservatives voting tactically to keep out Labour, a new poll suggested.

A series of surveys have shown the Liberal Democrat leader trailing in Sheffield Hallam and in danger of being booted out by voters in the South Yorkshire seat he has held since 2005.

The party said the ICM research for The Guardian - which showed Mr Clegg seven points ahead of his Labour rival Oliver Coppard by 42% to 35% - confirmed its contention that the Deputy Prime Minister performed more strongly in polls where voters were given the names of the candidates. Without the names being given, Labour was ahead by 34% to 32%.

But the results also suggested Mr Clegg was reliant on tactical voting by Tories on what one ICM pollster called "a breathtaking scale". A full 48% of those who said they were Conservative backers nationally intended to back him, the figures suggested.

Polling by Lord Ashcroft has previously shown little evidence of active campaigning by the Tories in the seat, which Mr Clegg held with a majority of 15,284 in 2010


Clegg: No need to change tuition fee limit again

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told reporters that he believes there is "no need" for the £9,000 limit on university fee's to be changed again.

Nick Clegg has been on the campaign trail today Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Speaking while on his campaign bus today Clegg said: "I see no need to change the limit again. Labour, perhaps by their own admission, have concocted this new approach - as a politician I understand it - to exacerbate the Liberal Democrat embarrassment.

"They want to catch headlines, they want to score points, but nobody remotely serious - Vince Cable's been very articulate on this - thinks that the Labour policy does anything in real terms other than provide a more generous repayment schedule for the wealthiest graduates."

Clegg raises glass to royal baby on campaign trail

Nick Clegg raised a glass to the royal baby while out on the last few days of his campaign trail.

The deputy prime minister made the toast while visiting the Hush Heath Winery in Kent.

He said: "I think before we should sip we should raise a glass to the royal baby with some proper English sparkling. To the royal baby."


Cheers as Clegg addresses a 'passionate' rally

With just four days to go until the election, Nick Clegg has been speaking at a "passionate" rally in Bermondsey, south London.

ITV News Political Correspondent Emily Morgan reports:

Clegg fails to clarify position on Tory EU 'red line'

Nick Clegg refused to clarify what his position would be if the Tories demand an in/out EU referendum in 2017 as part of a future coalition.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, the Liberal Democrat leader said: "The Conservatives constantly flip-flop on's about as cast-iron as what he said about the Lisbon Treaty", he added.

Nick Clegg refused to clarify what his response would be if the issue of an EU referendum became a coalition deal sticking point. Credit: BBC/The Andrew Marr Show

When Marr asked if he would agree to David Cameron having his referendum on Europe in 2017 in any further coalition deal, Mr Clegg said: "Before I address anyone else's red lines, I would address mine".

"I personally think that for many many people...ensuring fair tax cuts for low and middle incomes, that we properly support the NHS, that we don't close their local nursery schools and colleges is much more important than some of the other red lines that other parties have chosen".

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