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Nick Clegg launches 'promise kept' poster

At the launch of the Liberal Democrat poster Nick Clegg has said it highlighted a promise his party had delivered on.

Mr Clegg said: "If you remember the leaders' debates five years ago I said the Liberal Democrats wanted to give tax cuts to those on low and middle incomes, David Cameron said it wasn't possible. Yet as of next Monday people, over 24 million people on low and middle incomes will be £825 better off."

Asked about the leaders' debate last night Mr Clegg said he "enjoyed it."

Clegg: 'Rainbow coalition would be too messy'

There will be "rainbow coalition" with several parties Nick Clegg has said.

The Deputy Prime Minister revealed Gordon Brown had been "adamant" that Labour and the Liberal Democrats could form the basis of a progressive coalition taking in minor parties after 2010's General Election.

Mr Clegg said the idea would not have worked then, and will not after May 7 this year.

Nick Clegg Credit: LBC

But with opinion polls pointing overwhelmingly towards a hung parliament and significant losses for the Lib Dems, it may be the only way Mr Clegg can fulfil his goal of playing a role in the next government.

The Liberal Democrat leader told his weekly radio phone-in on LBC Radio 97.3:

He [Mr Brown] was sort of very adamant that he thought that one could create a sort of rainbow coalition of lots and lots of different, a sort of smorgasbord of, different parties.

I do remember saying, I just don't think that's going to work. I still don't think that's going to work and that might be actually more of a relevant question after May 7.

I think this idea that you have a government with a whole array of single issue parties all pulling this way and that, I think it's a recipe for insomnia as votes will be strung out night after night after night in the House of Commons.

But it's also a recipe for a messy way of governing the country.

– Nick Clegg


Mental health problems 'should not bar people from jobs'

Having mental health problems should not bar people from jobs Nick Clegg has said as investigators focus on the medical history of Germanwings crash pilot Andreas Lubitz.

Mental health problems should not bar people from jobs Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The Deputy Prime Minister, who has championed mental health issues while in government, said there should be no "blanket rules" preventing people from doing certain jobs.

German prosecutors have said that Lubitz, 27, who deliberately caused the Airbus to crash in the French Alps, had therapy for suicidal tendencies some time before getting his pilot's licence.

I think it's very important that we don't, however understandable in this context, allow what is said about one individual to shape or colour the way in which we regard people who go through episodes of mental health problems.

It's very important that employers in all walks of life are as accepting of people who are recovering from mental health problems just as much as they would be people who recover from physical health problems.

I don't think, as a blanket rule, the fact that someone has had mental health problems should automatically disqualify them from certain jobs. That would be not treating people as individuals, instead treating people in an indiscriminately broad-brush way.

– Nick Clegg

Lib Dems change their name after Joey Essex gaffe

The Liberal Democrats have undergone a name change and added a cat logo instead of a bird following an exchange between leader Nick Clegg and TOWIE star Joey Essex, who thought the party was called 'Democats'.

ITV News' Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship was the first to break the news:

Mr Clegg also tweeted a selfie with the star and said it was "really nice" to meet him.

Joey Essex 'thought it was the Liberal Democats'

TOWIE star Joey Essex has admitted he thought Nick Clegg's party was called the "Liberal Democats".

While interviewing Clegg for at his party's mental health policy launch, Essex inquired, "Why are you called Liberal Democrats?" because he was confused about the party's name.

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He also labelled Clegg's five-year stint as Deputy Prime Minister as "sick" and praised him for being a "nice bloke" ... even if Essex had thought he was meeting "Mr Legg".

Essex was interviewing Clegg for his ITV show Educating Joey Essex.

Clegg expects leaders' debate to be 'quite different'

Nick Clegg said Thursday's leaders' debate on ITV will be "quite different" to those that took place during the 2010 election campaign.

"It'll be quite different from my point of view ... last time I hadn't been in government and in a sense that I was introducing myself to the British public for the first time," the Lib Dem leader said.

"This time I'm a much more familiar proposition to many viewers."

Clegg said he believes that of the seven party leaders he will be the only one with "a balanced centre ground approach to finishing the job of balancing the books".

  • The ITV Leaders' Debate airs at 8pm on Thursday


TOWIE's Joey Essex appears at Clegg campaign event

TOWIE star Joey Essex made an unusual surprise appearance today in the audience of Nick Clegg's election campaign event in Watford.

Clegg turns on the Conservatives over NHS funding

Nick Clegg has accused the Conservatives of "trying to pull the wool" over voters' eyes by failing to reveal how they would fund the National Health Service.

The Liberal Democrat leader claimed the Tories would be forced to make "deeper and deeper cuts" to other public services to fund the NHS.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Credit: ITV News

Clegg has committed to meeting the £8 billion a year extra funding by 2020 demanded by NHS England chief Simon Stevens.

"Labour has not committed to it. The Conservatives try to give the impression they have, but they haven't," he told an audience in Watford.

"Ed Miliband, David Cameron, it's time to come clean. Will you or will you not give the NHS the £8 billion a year by 2020 that it needs, and tell us how you plan to fund it?"

Lib Dems pledge extra £2bn for mental health services

The Liberal Democrats would pump an extra £2.25 billion into mental health services in England by 2020 to reverse decades of "institutionalised indifference" to the issue, Nick Clegg has vowed.

Nick Clegg has pledged to spend extra money on mental health care. Credit: PA Wire

The funding commitment - which comes top of the £1.25 billion announced in the coalition Government's last budget - will help introduce new waiting time standards and improve services for mothers suffering post-natal depression.

Announcing the Liberal Democrats' "Manifesto for the Mind", the Deputy Prime Minister said: "I hope by the end of the next parliament people really will see a major difference.

"But it's a journey which we have got to keep going on because it's having to reverse decades of underinvestment and decades of something close to institutionalised indifference if not discrimination against mental health in the NHS."

Mr Clegg said a story of a teenager's battle with anorexia in his constituency in Sheffield had had a "really searing impact" on him and prompted his desire to improve mental health care provision.

Nick Clegg meets prickly resident in West Midlands

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg with his party's MP for Solihull Lorely Burt meets children during their visit to Parkridge Centre, part of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Credit: ITV News/ Louisa Felton

Nick Clegg has met locals in the West Midlands with his party's candidate for Solihull, Lorely Burt.

The Liberal Democrat leader spoke to children as a new scheme to protect hedgehogs was launched.

A project to create the UK's first dedicated hedgehog conservation area was launched as part of efforts to reverse declines in populations of the prickly creature.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg with his party's candidate for Solihull Lorely Burt meets children during their visit to Parkridge Centre, part of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust in Solihull. Credit: ITV News/ Louisa Felton

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's scheme, funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, will also work with the local community to raise awareness of the animals' plight and bring in hedgehog-friendly measures such as creating small holes in fences.

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