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Clegg congratulates royal couple on their daughter's birth

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has congratulated the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter:

Clegg wishes Duchess of Cambridge the 'best of luck'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has wished the Duchess of Cambridge the "best of luck":

Clegg jokes about belt tightening after man drops trousers

Nick Clegg has reacted with humour after a young man lost his trousers while trying to take a selfie with the Deputy Prime Minister.

You can watch the moment the young man lost his cool again here:

Moment man loses trousers while taking Clegg selfie

Nick Clegg's visit to Solihull College hit a bum note when a young man lost his trousers as he approached the Deputy Prime Minister for a selfie.

It was unclear whether the incident was the result of a wardrobe malfunction or a deliberate attempt to embarrass the Liberal Democrat leader.

Mr Clegg patted the teenage boy on the shoulder and continued to board his campaign bus, which was preparing to leave following the visit.


Clegg tells questioner he has 'no plans' for a new job

Nick Clegg said he has no plans for a new career after a member of the Question Time audience asked whether he had "plans for a new job next week when you become unemployed".

"Charming," he shot back. "No I don't."

The Lib Dem leader has insisted opinion polls that show him in danger of losing his Sheffield Hallam seat do not reflect the reality on the ground.

Clegg 'very much enjoyed' leaders' Question Time

The Liberal Democrat leader has said he "very much enjoyed" tonight's leaders' Question Time.

Cameron and Miliband 'need to lie down in a dark room'

While discussing possible coalition deals both Ed Miliband and David Cameron spoke about negotiations with Nick Clegg 'in a dark room.'

Responding to a question about the behind a scenes deal Mr Clegg said: "If either of them still think they're going to win a majority, they need to go lie down in that darkened room."

Clegg having 'easier ride then Miliband' on QT

Nick Clegg is doing well as the third party leader on Question Time, ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby says, but is getting less of a grilling from the audience.

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