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Police criticised for blunders in street killer case

The life sentence for Nicola Edgington, 32, came on the day that the Independent Police Complaints Commission found failings in the murder case:

  • Local police in Greenwich were not notified that Edgington was living in the area.
  • Police and police staff did not carry out a police national computer check on Edgington which would have alerted them to her previous conviction for manslaughter.
  • Officers missed an opportunity to use their powers under the Mental Health Act when Edgington tried to leave an A&E department shortly after she arrived with police.
  • Edgington's second 999 call from an A&E department was downgraded because she was considered to be in a place of safety and an officer was not asked to return despite Edgington saying she could be very dangerous.
  • The police only contacted the hospital after a fourth call had been received.