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Farage to answer viewer's questions on 'Ask Nigel' programme

Farage to answer viewer's questions on 'Ask Nigel' programme Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Nigel Farage will be given half an hour to answer viewer questions a week before the general election in a programme to be aired on BBC One on 30th April.

The Ukip leader said he was "delighted" to appear.

Clegg: Pub visit better than watching 'that shower' on debate

Nick Clegg said going to a pub in his constituency was a better use of his time than listening to "that shower" in the debate.

Nick Clegg meets diver Bob Thomson during a visit to diving equipment manufacturer Divex Global in Aberdeen, Scotland. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Asked why he had not listened to Mr Miliband, a potential coalition partner, he told reporters on his campaign battle bus:

You are not seriously suggesting whether or not there is a Liberal Democrat-Labour coalition depends on whether I should spend an hour and a half listening to that shower yesterday?

Come on. Give me a break. What a ridiculous thing to say. Why would that have any bearing on how a government is composed or functions after the election?

– Nick Clegg

He added that from what he had seen of the debate "it delivered no surprises whatsoever."

I didn't see it, I admit. I was talking to constituents in my constituency, because I want to get re-elected.

That is more important to me frankly than listening to Nigel Farage with his loopy, loopy stuff at one extreme and Ed Miliband dithering about how not to balance the books, and three other other politicians saying can we wave a magic wand and borrow lots of money we don't have. My use of time was spent much more productively.

– Nick Clegg


Ed Miliband most mentioned on Twitter during debate

Ed Miliband was the leader with the most mentions on social media during the challengers' debate tonight.

Although the Labour leader topped the mentions, there was no detail yet on how many of them were positive or negative.

Ed Miliband.

According to Twitter the rank of most mentioned on using the #BBCDebate was:

  • 1. @Ed_Miliband
  • 2. @NicolaSturgeon
  • 3. @Nigel_Farage
  • 4. @natalieben
  • 5. @LeanneWood

Top most tweeted moment saw 8,125 tweets per minute when David Dimbleby backed audience selection after Nigel Farage attacked what he called the "left-wing" group.

Watch: Farage met with jeers after questioning debate audience

The second most tweeted moment also belonged to the Ukip leader, when he was discussing immigration and public housing which saw 4,829 Tweets per minute.

Farage met with jeers after questioning debate audience

Nigel Farage was met with a stern reaction from the audience at the live leaders' debate when he accused the BBC of providing a biased 'left wing' group.

There were jeers and hisses as the Ukip leader said: "There just seems to be a total lack of comprehension on this panel and indeed amongst this audience which is a remarkable audience even by the left wing standards of the BBC. I mean this lot's pretty left-wing believe me."

Presenter David Dimbleby told Mr Farage that the audience was picked by an independent polling organisation to represent people across the political divide.

Farage sees biggest Twitter spike as debate begins

Nigel Farage saw the biggest spike in Twitter chatter as the debate began. The UKIP leader was being mentioned more than 238 times a minute, as he finished his opening remarks, higher than Ed Miliband at 123 tweets per minute, Nicola Sturgeon at 172, Natalie Bennett at 70 and Leanne Wood at 37.


Silent 'Wit And Wisdom Of Nigel Farage' track to be released

A completely silent track entitled The Wit And Wisdom Of Nigel Farage is being released by an independent record label.

Alcopop! Records will release the blank 7" vinyl on 4th May, the week of the general election.

Alcopop! Records cover of their satirical record named "The Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage" Credit: Alcopop! Records/PA Wire

A remix of the track by experimental metal band Enter Shikari will feature dripping taps, ambient noise and seagulls and will be on the B side.

A proportion of the profits will be donated to the Migrants Rights Network, an NGO which campaigns in support of immigrants in Britain.

We're not a massively political label, and we're not trying to tell people who to vote for.

We're just genuinely terrified at what could happen to this country if people listen to the slick, media savvy cult of Farage rather than actually looking at his policies.

So anything we can do in our small way to make people question his political motives is something we're delighted to be involved in.

– Jack Clothier, Alcopop!

The idea is based on Stiff Records's 1980 record The Wit And Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan, a completely silent LP which sold 30,000 copies.

Farage: 'I wish Tony Blair was here this morning'

ITV News has spoken exclusively to Nigel Farage on board a boat in Grimsby, with the Ukip leader claiming his party is set to win in the constituency.

Farage said "I wish Tony Blair was here this morning", as he noted that he had just seen a boat load of cars being imported from Germany.

He said it highlighted that Britain imported "a million cars a year more than we export", and dismissed claims that leaving the EU would stop European businesses trading with the UK.

"There are no drawbacks for trade [from an EU exit]. Just look at those three thousand cars that came off that boat and understand that trade isn't made by government.

"Trade [happens] because a consumer likes a product and is prepared to pay the price."

Farage was joined on a campaign visit by Joey Essex, who is meeting the four major party leaders as part of an ITV2 programme.

Joey Essex tells Nigel Farage 'I love your coat'

Joey Essex tells Nigel Farage 'I love your coat'

Joey Essex praised Nigel Farage's dress sense as they met in Grimsby this morning.

The reality star told the Ukip leader: "I love your jacket...we're matching."

The Only Way Is Essex star is meeting the four top political leaders as part of an ITV2 programme.

He said today: "I don't really understand much about the political life...I'm just trying to show the youth that it's a good thing to vote."

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