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Rescuers continue to search Nigeria mosque blast for wounded

Police officers stand near wreckage at a scene of multiple bombings at Kano Central Mosque Credit: Reuters

Rescue workers are continuing to search for the wounded after an explosion at the central Mosque in Nigeria's second largest city killed at least 35 people and injured scores more.

Captain Ikechukwu Eze said the blast occurred at the main mosque in the city of Kano.

Hundreds had gathered to listen to a sermon in a region terrorised by attacks from the militant group Boko Haram.

Immediately after the blasts, hundreds of angry youths took to the streets, throwing stones, brandishing sticks and shouting at security officials.

The palace of the Emir of Kano is near the central mosque. Palace officials said the Emir, one of the highest ranking Islamic figures in Nigeria, is out of the country.

State Deputy police commissioner Sanusi Lemu said to reporters that 150 people also sustained various injuries in the blasts in Kano.

Nigeria mosque blast: At least 35 dead

At least 35 people have been killed and many wounded in the bomb attack on the Central Mosque of Kano in northern Nigeria, Reuters have reported, citing the local police commissioner.

Reuters report that gunmen set off three bombs and fired on worshippers at the central mosque in an assault that bore the hallmarks of Islamist Boko Haram militants.

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Smoke rises above central mosque of Kano after blast

A photograph has been posted to Twitter reportedly showing the aftermath of a bomb blast during Friday prayers at the Central Mosque of Kano in northern Nigeria.

It appears the image was first posted by Twitter user 'Bayeros' shortly after the first reports of a bomb at the mosque.

ITV News is working to independently verify the photograph.

Bomb targets Friday prayers at Nigerian mosque

A bomb exploded outside the central mosque of north Nigeria's biggest city, Kano, just as residents were packing into the area for Friday prayers, witnesses said.

"These people have bombed the mosque. I am face to face with people screaming," said Chijjani Usman, a local reporter who resides inside the old city where the blast took place, and who had gathered there for prayers himself.

A Reuters witness said there were many casualties, but no more information is yet known.

Access to bombed Nigerian school blocked

Angry parents and local residents have blocked access to the Nigerian school which was bombed this morning, it has been reported.

According to Reuters a police source said the crowds are deliberately preventing security forces from getting close to the explosion site as they do not want a repeat of an incident last week in which members of the security forces fired at residents following another bombing.

Overcrowded hospital had to make patients share beds after school bombing

The hospital where injured students and teachers were taken following a suicide bomb attack on a school in Nigeria was so overcrowded they had to make patients share beds, it has been revealed.

According to reports 79 students were admitted with injuries this morning after a bomb went off during a school assembly at the Government Technical Science College in the town of Potiskumbut, and some patients had to double up in hospital beds to be treated.

Of the 79 injured students that were admitted it has been reported that some were so seriously injured they may require amputations.


Nurse counted students dead bodies after Nigerian school bombing

A nurse who treated patients at Potiskum General Hospital following this morning's Nigerian school bombing has confirmed that the majority of the 48 who died were students.

Asking to remain anonymous the nurse told Reuters: "So far, the number of the dead is 48, while 79 are injured. I counted the bodies, mostly students and a few teachers."

She said she had also been told by a teacher, who survived the blast, that the bomber who targeted the school had "dressed like a student" and was on the assembly ground with students.

As yet no one has claimed responsibility for the attack on Potiskum's Government Science Secondary School.

Nigerian school suicide bomber was 'dressed as a student'

The suicide bomber who set off a fatal blast during a school assembly in Potiskum, Nigeria this morning was disguised in school uniform, according to the Associated Press.

The blast, which has reportedly killed at least 35 people, went off during morning assembly at the town's Government Technical Science College.

Associated Press reports that survivors said the bomber "appeared to have hidden the explosives in the type of rucksack popular with students".

'Death toll will rise' says teacher at Nigerian bomb blast

A teacher who witnessed the aftermath of the bomb blast during morning assembly at a school in Potiskum, Nigeria, today said they are certain the death toll from the explosion will rise.

"As it stands now, we have taken about 20 dead bodies to the hospital. There are some that are critically injured and I am sure the death toll will rise," the teacher told Reuters.

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