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89-year-old D-Day veteran parachutes to mark D-Day

Former Para Jock Hutton performed a tandem parachute drop at the age of 89 to commemorate 70 years since the D-Day landings.

Following a Union Flag down from the skies, Jack landed safely and was rewarded with a prompt welcome back to land by Prince Charles.

Veteran said 's*** yes' after being asked to jump again

An 89-year-old veteran told ITV News he had no hesitation in deciding to take part in a parachute jump for the D-Day 70th anniversary commemorations.

Jock Hutton, who will leap out of a plane flying over Normandy this afternoon, said a parachute regiment padre approached him about doing the jump.

He said: "Out of the blue, I'm sitting here in my early retirement and he said 'Jock would you like to come and jump with us on D-Day?' I said 's*** yes', because boredom tends to creep in".

Jock is the only surviving member from the 13th Battalion parachute regiment from World War Two and said he was not "unsettled" by the jump because he had been parachuting "on and off" for 40 years.