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North Korean threat overshadows Trump's Asia trip

Setting off on what could be the most diplomatically challenging of his Presidency, Donald Trump did not mention the threat of North Korea, but instead vowed to hit so-called Islamic State "10 times harder than they hit us", in the wake of the New York terror attack which left eight dead and 12 injured.

Yet rather than so-called Islamic State, Mr Trump's 12-day trip to Asia will instead be dominated by talk of North Korea and how to disarm Kim Jong-un.

Ahead of the trip, reports have also been circulating that the North Korean dictator may attempt to disrupt Trump's visit to the region by launching fresh missile tests.

While the Trump administration has repeatedly warned that the window for a diplomatic solution is fast closing, a military option could escalate quickly with potentially catastrophic consequences, analysts fear.

"There is no military option unless you're willing to accept the deaths of tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of people," warned Robert Manning, an Asia-Pacific analyst.

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