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Severe cold weather warning amid sub zero temperatures

The Met Office has warned of the impact of severe cold weather as temperatures fall before freezing across large parts of the UK.

Forecasters said the severe cold weather and icy conditions could increase health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt services.

Snow ploughs have been clearing major roads in Cumbria after heavy snowfall. Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
Others have taken it upon themselves to clear the way. This man gritted a snow covered road near Ripponden in West Yorkshire. Credit: John Giles/PA Wire
A sheep stands in a snow covered field near Reeth in North Yorkshire. Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire


  1. Wales

Pictures: parts of Wales wake up to more snow

Parts of Mid Wales and the South Wales Valleys woke up to more snow and icy conditions today, after another night of wintry weather.

You've been sending us in your photographs.

Campers woke up to a snow scene in Llandovery Credit: Mike Howell
Richard Cobourne sent us this picture of his garden in the Trellech, Monmouthshire Credit: Richard Cobourne
Around an inch and a half of snow fell overnight in Trefechan near Merthyr Tydfil Credit: Hannah Thomas
Snow can be sign on the mountains from this house in Ynyshir Credit: @jays_golf

Pictures: Heavy snow causing travel problems in Scotland

Heavy snow has caused has caused travel disruption on many routes across parts of Scotland.

Glasgow Airport warned of delays, while 26 gritters are worked through the night to keep major routes open.


Be careful with 'fragile' peace process, Blair warns

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned today's government to be careful with the current peace process.

Blair: On The Runs scheme vital to end terrorism

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has told MPs that the On The Runs scheme helped bring about the end of Irish terrorism.

Blair apologises for errors in On The Runs scheme

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted that the On The Runs (OTR) scheme could have been better run, but insists it was vital for the peace process to succeed.

He is giving evidence before a parliamentary investigation into the scheme:

Tony Blair to give evidence to IRA 'On the Runs' inquiry

Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Tony Blair is due to give evidence before a parliamentary investigation into the On The Runs (OTRs) scheme for fugitive IRA members later today.

The former prime minister's Labour administration sent about 200 letters to republicans assuring them they were not being pursued by the UK authorities following requests from Sinn Fein.

An investigation was launched by MPs when the prosecution of a man for the murder of four soldiers during an explosion in Hyde Park in 1982 was halted after he received one of the letters in error.

The OTR letters scheme began while Mr Blair was premier, and the chairman of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has said he is one of the most important witnesses to the inquiry.

A spokesman for the committee said Mr Blair had confirmed he would be attending a sitting today.

Mr Blair was a key architect of the Good Friday Agreement, which led to IRA arms decommissioning and the establishment of a devolved power-sharing administration at Stormont.

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