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No secrets hidden behind mysterious abbey door

The door was opened at Hexham Abbey for the first time in decades. Credit: ITV News

A mysterious door discovered at Hexham Abbey was finally opened for the first time in decades today to reveal...nothing.

A restoration team uncovered the door while renovating the medieval monastery in Northumberland but it was not known what lay behind it.

Although there was an empty space behind the door when it was opened earlier today, renovators believe it used to house a medieval toilet.


Thieves steal bride's flowers on eve of her wedding

Thieves who stole wedding flowers worth £1,000, including the bride's bouquet, have been branded "heartless" by police.

The flowers are blue and cream and consist of foxglove, freesia and hydrangea. Credit: Northumbria Police handout

The break-in at East Heddon, Northumberland, was reported this morning - just hours before the couple were due to marry.

Sergeant Mick Quinn of Northumbria Police said, "The people who stole these flowers will have been well aware they were to be used for a wedding, and to steal them is completely heartless and thoughtless".

Baby 'thrown' by teen suspected of being on legal high

A baby has been allegedly grabbed and thrown from its pram by a teenager suspected of taking a legal high called Salvia. The alleged assault happened this afternoon in Newbiggin, Northumberland.

Salvia Credit: Press Association

The baby's mother saw someone looking distressed and tried to talk to him, at which point he grabbed the baby. The child suffered minor injuries.


Pilgrims mark Good Friday with walk to Holy Island

Pilgrims have been marking Good Friday by walking the three-mile causeway to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

The sand causeway, which connects the island to the Northumberland coast, can be crossed on foot at low tide.

Pilgrims cross from Beal sands to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
Pilgrims carry crosses over the causeway Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
Pilgrims crossing the sand causeway Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Stranded ship could remain stuck for a fortnight

A ship which ran aground near a lighthouse in an important wildlife haven could remain stuck for another fortnight, if it is not shifted tomorrow.

They are waiting for more salvage equipment to be brought in and it is extremely unlikely that there will be any attempt today.

However, they will be making a determined effort, I suspect, tomorrow evening.

If they cannot get it off tomorrow, the chances are it will be stuck for another fortnight.

– Ian Clayton, Seahouses RNLI

The RNLI's Ian Clayton added that lower tides over the next two weeks would hamper any attempt to remove the Danio. Storms are also due to hit the area next week, so the skipper has filled the ballast tanks with sea water to make the vessel more stable.

Rescue operation for stricken ship on Farne Islands

Salvage crews are working out the best way to rescue a ship which ran aground near a lighthouse in an important wildlife haven.

MV Danio Credit: RNLI

The MV Danio was heading from Perth in Scotland, to Belgium, when it got caught on rocks in the Farne Islands. The six crew has spent the night aboard the ship, which lifeboat crews found had a metre-wide hole below the waterline on the port side near the bow.

Crew stay on ship stranded off Northumberland coast

The crew of an 80 metre long ship which ran aground near a lighthouse in an important wildlife haven will spend the night stuck onboard, an RNLI spokesman said.

The MV Danio was heading from Perth, Scotland, to Antwerp, Belgium, when it got caught on rocks in the Farne Islands, three miles off the Northumberland coast at 4.30am today.

The MV Danio has run aground after it hit rocks on the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast. Credit: RNLI/PA Wire

The vessel, carrying timber, was not thought to be badly damaged and there were no reports of any fuel leak after she got stuck on the Blue Caps, close to the Longstone Lighthouse.

High tide this evening passed without any attempt to refloat the vessel, as salvage crews were keen to take their time and prepare a plan.

Ian Clayton, of the Seahouses RNLI, said the crew was still on board, and that meant lifeboat men were also standing close by at sea in case of any emergency.

The Seahouses lifeboat crew, which has been on scene for around 14 hours, was expected to be relieved by a crew from Berwick which will keep watch on the vessel overnight

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