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NHS posts video appeal for dental patients to come forward

NHS England has posted a video online explaining its appeal for the patients of a dentist to come forward.

Mr D’Mello was secretly filmed at a dental practice in Nottingham allegedly breaching infection-control standards that "horrified" health experts.

A recall of 22,000 patients has been issued by NHS England and a helplinehas been set-up.


Dentist 'stored medical equipment in toilet'

A dentist who has sparked a major public health alert allegedly stored medical equipment in the toilet.

A inspection by the Care Quality Commission in July this year found that Desmond D'Mello used the staff toilet and the room next to the toilet as store rooms for equipment.

"This posed a risk of these items coming into contact with body fluids which may be contaminated," the report said.

"This risk had not been identified by staff at the dental surgery and no action had been taken to minimise it."

Two female patients died after treatment by dentist

Two female patients in their twenties died shortly after their treatment by Desmond D'Mello, the General Dental Council said following a hearing in August.

One of those patients died as a result of a viral infection, a committee was told.

The council said police have been informed about the deaths.

An appeal was launched today to trace more than 22,000 patients who have been treated by D'Mello amid allegations he did not follow correct procedures.

Dentist at centre of infection fears suspended in June

A dentist whose apparent failure to follow hygiene standards may have put thousands of patients at risk of infection was suspended in June this year.

Desmond D'Mello was suspended after a whistleblower, worried about the standards of care, secretly filmed him allegedly breaching standards at the practice he ran in Nottinghamshire.

Desmond D'Mello previously worked at the Daybrook Dental Practice in Nottingham which is now under new management. Credit: ITV News

The NHS launched an an immediate investigation into "apparent multiple failures in cross-infection control standard whilst undergoing dental treatment".

The findings are yet to be reported.

The former Daybrook Dental Practice has been under new ownership by Southern Dental since August this year.

Help line and walk-in clinic set up for D'Mello patients

A helpline and walk-in clinic have been set up for dental patients who have been treated by Desmond D'Mello who allegedly did not follow correct hygiene procedures at a practice in Nottingham.

Patients can contact the helpline on 03330 142479, which is staffed 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

A community clinic has also been set up at the Arnold Health Centre in the Highcroft Medical Centre on the High Street in Arnold, Nottingham.


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MP calls for meeting with Government after patient recall

The MP for Gedling and the Leader of the Council have said the findings of the report are "shocking and disturbing".

A recall of 22,000 patients has been issued by NHS England who have been treated by a dentist in Nottingham accused of poor hygiene standards.

The information leaflet issued by NHS England. Credit: NHS England

There are still significant questions that remain about the chronology and management of these events. It is clear to us that a full independent investigation is required to ensure that lessons are learned for the future. We have asked for an urgent meeting with the Secretary of State for Health and will seek assurances of behalf of Gedling residents that everything possible is being done to resolve these very worrying and urgent matters.”

– Vernon Coaker, MP and Cllr John Clarke

Dentist 'failed to change gloves between patients'

NHS England are appealing for anyone who was treated by a dentist who is accused of poor hygiene standards to come forward for testing.

The information leaflet issued by NHS England. Credit: NHS England

Desmond D'Mello, who worked at Daybrook Dental Practice in Nottingham, allegedly failed to wash his hands and change gloves when treating different patients.

He is also alleged to have used the same instruments on patients without sterilising them.

"If there had been any transfer of blood between patients due to the lapse in infection control procedures there could potentially be a low risk that hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV virus could have been transferred from patient to patient," health officials said.

Girl, 7, injured after police shooting incident on school trip

A seven-year-old girl has been injured after police accidentally shot a firearm during a school visit to the Nottingham Police HQ.

Nottingham Police said the child suffered a cut lip following the incident on Thursday, October 30, although police are still investigating the cause.

The gun went off at the end of a brief talk with firearms officers and one of them is now not on duty.

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