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League One player sent off for walking too slowly

Notts County striker Kwame Thomas was sent off against Doncaster after receiving a second booking for walking off the pitch too slowly.

Referee Richard Clark produced the second yellow card as Thomas sauntered across the turf in anticipation of being replaced by Billy Daniels late on in the goalless draw.

Clark didn't seem to immediately realise that he had already cautioned the striker, but eventually sent him off.

Kwame Thomas will need to speed up. Credit: PA

After the game, County assistant manager Greg Abbott said: “I think, to be fair, in defence of the referee, if he’d have realised it was his second one he would have rushed over and ushered him off without doing the card.

“I’ve never seen a sending off like that. In hindsight, the referee maybe, so late in the game, would have thought twice if he’d have known it was his second.”