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Bloomberg: 'NRA represents paranoid vision of US'

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the National Rifle Association's call for armed guards in schools represents a paranoid vision of America, reports Associated Press.

He said Friday's press conference by the nation's largest gun lobby group was "a shameful evasion of the crisis facing our country."

He added that the NRA lobbyists blame "everyone but themselves" for the crisis of gun violence. He says America must rise above and demand Congress and President Barack Obama work on reasonable gun restrictions.

American Federation of Teachers criticises NRA gun call

Afterremaining silent for an entire week following the Newtown massacre, the NRA'sfirst comments were to call for more guns in our schools and our society. Thisis both irresponsible and dangerous. No matter how much money the NRA spends orpropaganda it tries to spread, one thing is clear-the NRA is not serious aboutconfronting the epidemic of gun violence in our nation.

Schools must be safe sanctuaries, not armed fortresses. Anyone who would suggest otherwise doesn't understand that our public schools must first and foremost be places where teachers can safely educate and nurture our students.

– American Federation of Teachers



NRA to launch a 'National School Shield' programme

Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson will head up the National Rifle Association's 'National School Shield programme,' which the association says will help school security, it was announced at today's news conference.

Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson. Credit: RTV

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called for armed police officers and other security measures at every school in the United States.

He said: "The NRA is going to bring all its knowledge, all its dedication and all its resources to develop a model National School Shield emergency response programme for every school in America that wants it."

NRA: 'Necessary to put armed police in every school'

NRA: 'Media demonises lawful gun owners'

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre has told a news conference that "now is the time to speak about protecting American children.

NRA executive vice president Wayne Lapierre. Credit: RTV

Speaking for the first time since the Sandy Hook school shootings, he told reporters federal gun prosecutions have decreased and the media promotes violence through video games, adding that the media also demonises lawful gun owners.

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