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Murder probe after OAP assault victim dies

Detectives have launched a murder inquiry after a 72-year-old assault victim died in hospital.

Lincolnshire Police are questioning a man aged 38 on suspicion of murder after the death of Margaret Lynette Krawcewicz, who was found injured at an address in Lincoln shortly before 6.15am today.

A police spokesman said Ms Krawcewicz, who was assaulted inside a house in St Botolph's Crescent, died at Lincoln County Hospital this afternoon.

A police spokesman said: "A Home Office pathologist will conduct a post-mortem examination tomorrow to establish the cause of death.

"The 38-year-old man arrested earlier today has now been arrested on suspicion of murder."

Calls to scrap 'old-age pensioner' tag for over 65s

People aged 65 and over would prefer to be called "grey panthers" than old-age pensioners, a new survey suggests.

Some 97% of over-65s said they disliked the term "elderly" as politicians faced calls to use phrases which represent the "diverse demographic" of Britain's older generation.

The survey of 2,500 pensioners found two in five people preferred the term "senior citizen" to elderly or OAP, while "retired person", "silver surfer" and "grey panther" were also favoured.


Report calls for 'cultural shift' in elderly care


Cleaners give older people the time that nurses don't have

Sir Keith Pearson, Chairman of the NHS Confederation and an author of the report, said new recruits should be selected for their values, rather than technical skills. He told BBC Radio 4 that technical standards of care were fine, but "personal care" was lacking.

Very often its the cleaner who might be the person who spends those few minutes talking to a patient. Somone who is not necessarily trained in customer contact, but someone who has got the communication skills necessary.

Key recommendations for care of elderly

A report on improving care for older people sets out ten key recommendations for hospitals:

  • Interests of the person receiving care should be put first
  • Recruit staff with "compassionate values"
  • Respect judgement of carers working closest with older people
  • Leadership role of the ward sister is crucial
  • Older people should receive comprehensive geriatric assessment on admission
  • See older people's families as partners in care
  • Indepedence of older people should be a measure of performance
  • Dignity should be a measure of performance
  • Feedback must be discussed every day and acted upon
  • Training to emphasise "learning through doing"

Training for healthcare workers is 'unacceptable'

The head of the Royal College of Nursing Peter Carter told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the lack of training that healthcare assistants go through is “wholly unacceptable”.

The vast majority of care for older people in hospitals is provided nowadays by health care assistants under the supervision of nurses ... In most cases, they don't have adequate training ... When we are caring for older people, we somehow think this can just be done with a bit of common sense.

He said the average ratio of registered nurses to elderly patients is one in 10, compared with one in four in children's nursing. His comments were in response to a report suggesting that older people are being "let down" by the standard of care.

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