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LGA: 'Release VAT from sugary foods to councils'

Releasing a fifth of the VAT budget raised from sugary foods to local councils would create around £1 billion of extra funding, the Local Government Association said.

LGA: 'Release VAT from sugary foods to councils'. Credit: PA

We are talking about an epidemic

This slice of existing money would enable local authorities to do so much more to reverse the tide of obesity which threatens to make the next generation the first to live shorter lives than their parents.

Councils are doing everything they can to curb obesity at a local level. This extra money would enable them to ramp up their efforts and really make a major impact on tackling this condition.

Additional resources would enable local councils to respond to the specific health and social care needs of their communities in ways that they know will be effective.

– Izzi Seccombe, chair of the LGA's community wellbeing board

The LGA's report 'Investing in our nation's future' sets out what powers it believes the next government should devolve to councils in the first few months following May's general election

LGA: Not enough money to tackle obesity crisis

The Local Government Association has insisted that councils do not have enough money in their public health budgets to properly cope with the obesity crisis once mandatory services such as sexual health, which accounts for a quarter of the budget, and drug and alcohol services, which accounts for nearly a third, have been paid for.

Health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the country £5 billion per year, with more than 60% of adults and more than a quarter of children overweight or obese, according to research by the Department of Health.

Local government leaders argue investing in prevention at a local level is vital to ensure its residents are healthy and to save the country money in the long run.

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