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Wildfires in Oklohoma close major highway

Raging grass fires in the US State of Oklohoma forced the closure of a major interstate highway on Sunday.

The fires in Logan County have already burned more than two square kilometres (0.78 square miles) of land and destroyed many homes, prompting police to evacuate some areas.

Unseasonably warm temperatures, low humidity and gusty winds have created a very high threat for wildfires in the state of Oklahoma.

Reports: Woman beheaded in US state of Oklahoma

A woman has been beheaded and another injured by a former employee at a food processing plant in the US state of Oklahoma, according to media reports.

The male attacker reportedly entered the Vaughan Foods plant near Oklahoma City on Thursday afternoon and beheaded one woman before stabbing another.

Both the suspect and the woman who was stabbed are in a stable condition in hospital, the reports said.

The suspect was purportedly sacked shortly before the attack after trying to convert fellow employees to Islam.


White House criticises botched execution

The White House has said the botched execution of a death row prisoner in Oklahoma fell short of the humane standards that must apply to carrying out the death penalty.

The execution of Clayton Lockett was stopped when he regained consciousness after receiving a lethal injection, before dying from a heart attack around 30 minutes later.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports.

Lawyers had appealed over Oklahoma execution drugs

The drugs used in a botched lethal injection in Oklahoma were the subject of an appeal from lawyers representing two death row inmates.

The execution of Clayton Lockett was stopped after the drugs he was administered "weren't working as designed", prison officials said.

The front page of the appeal launched by lawyers for Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner. Credit: EBU

Lawyers for Lockett and fellow inmate Charles Warner had argued before the botched execution that the use of an untested cocktail of drugs could subject their clients to "cruel and unusual punishment", which is prohibited by the US constitution.

Oklahoma governor orders review of lethal injections

Oklahoma's governor has announced a new evaluation of the state's procedures for lethal injections following the botched execution of an inmate earlier.

Execution drugs 'weren't working as designed'

The drugs used in the botched lethal injection of Clayton Lockett "weren't working as they were designed to", a prison spokesman has said.

Jerry Massie told reporters:

"We believe that a vein was blown and the drugs weren't working as they were designed to. The director ordered a halt to the execution."


Prisoner said 'something's wrong' during execution

Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett apparently called out during his execution, saying "something's wrong", an Associated Press reporter on the scene has said.

Lockett later died of a heart attack, but the execution of fellow inmate Charles Warner has been postponed for 14 days.

Execution 'on hold after botched lethal injection'

Officials in the US state of Oklahoma have reportedly postponed the second of two executions set for today after the first lethal injection was botched.

The Associated Press said the execution of Clayton Lockett was stopped after he apparently regained consciousness.

Lockett then suffered a heart attack and died around half an hour after officials halted the execution.

Now the execution of Charles Warner, which had been due two hours after Lockett's, will be stayed for a fortnight.

Three storm chasers among Oklahoma dead

Three storm chasers were among the nine people killed in the most recent tornadoes to strike Oklahoma, CNN reports.

Tim Samaras, 55, and his 24-year-old son Paul died along with 45-year-old Carl Young whilst chasing a tornado in El Reno, relatives said.

Writing on Facebook, Jim Samaras confirmed that the trio had been killed:

Thank you to everyone for the condolences. It truly is sad that we lost my great brother Tim and his great son, Paul.

The men who died made a living from researching and recording extreme weather.

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