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Online deliveries expected to grow 'to 1.35bn by 2018'

Online deliveries are expected to grow to 1.35bn over the next four years, research from a high street bank has shown.

Barclay's bank found more and more people were relying on online services to buy consumer goods, and found:

  • Electricals are forecast to be the highest growth sector for deliveries, with the number of packages expected to increase by 61% over the next four years.
  • Nearly 30% of retailers would use Click & Collect as their preferred delivery option although less than 20% of consumers have used this service in the past year.
  • Whilst the majority of retailers believe online shopping and delivery have benefited their sales numbers, over 30% believe it has been detrimental to costs.
  • Letterbox-sized packages and small parcels made up 60% of all deliveries from online orders in 2013 and letterbox-sized packages are set to see the highest growth by 2018, growing by 45%.
  • East Anglia is to see the biggest growth in deliveries, while the South East is set to remain as the region with the highest number. Regions where people live closer to towns and cities will see slightly lower growth.


Huge surge expected in online shopping by 2018

Demand for online shopping is expected to rise by more than a quarter, figures from Barclays have shown.

Book delivery services like Amazon may well be overtaken by Supermarkets. Credit: PA

Online deliveries are expected to rise by 29% by 2018, with clothing and footwear the most popular items.

More and more people are expected to have their weekly shop delivered, with groceries set to overtake books as the third most delivered item.

East Anglia is to see the biggest growth in deliveries, while the South East is set to remain as the region with the highest number.

Regions where people live closer to towns and cities will see slightly lower growth.

Amazon tie-up lets Twitter users shop with a hashtag

Online retailer Amazon has announced a new partnership that will allow customers to shop via Twitter.

Customers will be able to add products to their Amazon shopping basket through their Twitter account. Credit: PA

With the new system users add the hashtag #AmazonBasket to tweets referencing products they like, then the item is automatically added to their online shopping cart.

Amazon said the tie-up would mean "no more switching apps, typing out passwords or trying to remember items you saw on Twitter".

Christmas web sales up as physical shoppers fall '3.7%'

The thinning out of the Christmas high street rush has been blamed on the rise in online sales, with footfall - the number of people who walk into a shop - down by 3.7% compared to the same time in 2012.

The fall in the number of people browsing shops is being blamed on online retail. Credit: PA

According to figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the drop in footfall in the last quarter of last year was the worst drop since August 2012.

Overall footfall recorded by the BRC/Springboard monitor was down 2.4% in December compared with the previous year.

High streets suffered more than out-of-town locations, which lost 0.6% of their walk-in business.

High street shops 'must change' to beat online shopping

A Conservative minister believes shop owners must do more if they are to win back customers lost to the internet. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press Association Images

High street retailers must change the way they do business if they are to beat rising threat of online shopping, a minister has warned.

Mark Prisk, the housing and local government minister, told the Daily Telegraph shop owners must do more if they are to win back customers who have turned to the internet.

The warning comes as the Department of Communities and Local Government today awarded seven towns a share of £1 million in return for successfully breathing new life into their high streets.

Mr Prisk said the Government is doing "all it could" to help shops survive, including reducing business rates and encouraging local councils to be more flexible with parking.

"We will keep providing support where it is needed, but it takes more than funding to make this work," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"As consumers, our behaviour has changed. High streets need to respond to that change if they are to prosper."


Retailers set to lose over £1 billion during festive season

Retailers in the United Kingdom are expected to lose £1 billion over Christmas as a result of shoplifting, dishonest employees and vendor or distribution losses, according to a new study released today by the Centre for Retail Research.

Experts are predicting that over £1bn will be lost over Christmas Credit: Clive Gee/PA Wire

The report, funded by an independent grant from Checkpoint Systems, suggests that the losses incurred by the retail industry over this period could add an extra £38.09 to each UK family's shopping bill.

The report found that UK retailers could lose £522 million through shoplifting, £431 million through employee theft, and £47 million through vendor and distribution losses.

In total, the losses could represent a 3.4% per cent increase over the same period last year.

Retailers predict busiest day of year for online shopping

  • have predicted that Cyber Monday will be its biggest single day, with orders set to peak at 9.20pm.
  • Marks & Spencer also said it was prepared for what it expects to be its busiest day of the year.
  • Online analyst Experian expects UK consumers to make 115 million visits to retail websites on this year's Cyber Monday, an increase of 36% on last year.
  • Asda Direct says it is expecting to see a 50% spike in traffic to its electronic equipment retail section, compared with a normal Monday.
  • CD sales are also expected to increase by 70%, while some popular DVD titles are due for a 50% rise, the retailer said.
  • John Lewis have reported a record week for its online sales, soaring to £37.9 million, and the third best ever week for John Lewis department stores, topping £124.2 million.
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