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Bacall acceptance speech: 'I've been very lucky in life'

Lauren Bacall gave a memorable acceptance speech when she was awarded an honorary Oscar in 2009.

After getting a laugh when she exclaimed "a man at last" as she grasped her trophy, she told the audience: "I've been very lucky in life, probably luckier than I deserve".

US man, 65, aims to beat Oscars selfie retweet record

A 65-year-old man from Texas is hoping his equivalent to Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie will become the most retweeted post on the social network site.

Terry Shipman had just five followers when he tweeted this picture with his two dogs:

It now has over 145,000 retweets - a long way from Ellen's three million record.

He told NBC's Today show: "I took that photograph, tweeted it to my son, then he and his roommate retweeted it a couple times, and then their phones started blowing up...I was just totally amazed. It was just kind of as a lark,” he said.

But now a cruise company from his hometown have offered him a holiday if he can reach 1.5 million retweets. They have also started the hashtag #sendterrytotheislands to get him there.

Terry also revealed: "I have to silence my phone because it’s just constantly going off.”

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