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Oxfam: Prevention of new Ebola cases must be a priority

Oxfam has called for a greater focus on the prevention of new Ebola cases in West Africa in addition to managing existing cases and fatalities.

The charity says that many new Ebola cases are due to a "lack of access to basic washing facilities or because of their lack of knowledge about how the disease is spread".

It plans to triple its programmes in Sierra Leone and Liberia to provide water and hygiene and sanitation supplies, as well as public awareness campaigns.

We must break the chain of infection by equipping people with the means to protect themselves from contracting this deadly disease in the first place.

– Jane Cocking, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Director

Former anti-fraud Oxfam boss admits £65,000 fraud

A former anti-fraud chief for Oxfam admitted scamming the charity out of nearly £65,000.

Edward McKenzie-Green, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to making £64,612.58 in payments from Oxfam to fictitious firms between February and December 2011.

Edward McKenzie-Green, pleaded guilty to fraud totally £64,612.58 Credit: Press Association

A charge against the man's father for allegedly helping him launder more than £35,500 was dropped.

Edward Green, 62,of Scott Crescent, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, was accused of moving £35,571.75 fromhis bank account into a bank account in the name of EdwardMcKenzie-Green by electronic transfer.

Mr Green, who was excused from attending court today, denied a charge of transferring criminal property between April 1 2011 and March 31 2012.


Oxfam: Food waste 'is nothing short of a scandal'

Oxfam said the amount of food that is wasted when one billion people go to bed hungry at night "is nothing short of a scandal."

Oxfam's head of economic justice policy Hannah Stoddart said: "It is a damning indictment of a food system that places greater importance on corporate profits than ensuring everyone has enough to eat.

Oxfam said the amount of food that is wasted 'is nothing short of a scandal'. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

"It's great news that the biggest supermarket in Britain is taking tentative steps to tackle the problem, but we need urgent action like greater regulation and investment from governments worldwide to fix the system."

Oxfam India 'ready and on high alert' for Cyclone Phailin

Oxfam said its team in India is "ready and on high alert" as Cyclone Phailin prepares to make landfall.

Oxfam India wrote on Twitter:

The charity said it was procuring materials such as tarpaulins and chlorine tablets for 5,000 households and has contingency stocks of water, purifiers and sanitation materials ready for deployment.

Oxfam: Any malaria vaccine must be affordable for poor

A new potential vaccine for malaria will only have an impact if it is made affordable to people in poor countries, Oxfam's health policy adviser Anna Marriott has warned.

Kenyan nurses weigh a child before she is given an injection as part of a malaria vaccine trial in Kenya Credit: REUTERS/Joseph Okanga

She said previous cases show that companies can make drugs affordable to African governments, which can then provide treatments free of charge to poor people.

Marriott also stressed that the impact would be limited unless deployed alongside other tools, such as mosquito nets, better diagnosis and healthcare infrastructure.

"We cannot let excitement [about a possible vaccine] ... divert attention away from the need to invest in these prevention and treatment methods," she added.

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