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Pakistan and Afghanistan quake: more deaths expected

A man clears rubble after part of his house collapsed during an earthquake. Credit: Reuters

Pakistani officials now say at least 62 people have died after an earthquake in a remote part of neighbouring Afghanistan rattled much of the region.

Abdul Latif Khan, a senior official at the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, told AP that the quake has killed 46 people in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Residents gather to clear a path by removing rubble from a house after it was damaged by an earthquake. Credit: Reuters

Another official, Mussarrat Khan, says 16 people died in tribal regions near the border with Afghanistan. Officials say more than 400 people were wounded.

"More [deaths] are expected," Kyber Pakhtunkhwa's chief minister Pervez Khattak told state TV.

At least 70 people have now been confirmed killed in the two countries.

Afghan quake death toll continues to rise

A man wheels a body of a woman, who died in an earthquake, at the Lady Reading hospital, Peshawar Credit: Reuters

A powerful earthquake that struck in a remote region of north-eastern Afghanistan has killed over 50 people.

death toll in Afghanistan
killed in Pakistan

The death toll is expected to rise even further as communications were down in much of the rugged Hindu Kush mountain range area where the quake was centred.

Pakistan: Landslides hit Gilgit following earthquake

Sheets of mud and rock can be seen sliding down the valley in the photos. Credit: My Gilgit-Baltistan/Facebook

Landslides have been triggered near the northern Pakistan town of Gilgit following a powerful earthquake across the border in Afghanistan.

Photographs - posted to the My Gilgit-Baltistan Facebook page - appear to show large landslides tearing down steep valley sides near the town.

Pakistan: At least 12 killed in earthquake

Tremors from the Afghanistan quake were felt as far away as Delhi, in India. Credit: ITV News

At least 12 people have been killed in Pakistan following an earthquake that struck in northeastern Afghanistan earlier today, Reuters has reported, citing officials in the country.

Shockwaves from the Afghan quake were felt in northern India and in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, where people ran out of buildings in panic.

According to the USGS, the quake was 213 km (132 miles) deep and centred 254 km (158 miles) northeast of Kabul in a remote area of Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountain range.


Relief agency sends disaster team to stricken region

The Pakistan Red Crescent relief agency has dispatched an emergency team to the Neelum Valley in Kashmir after reports of landslides following a powerful earthquake in the region.

India: Buildings evacuated after Afghan earthquake

Hundreds of people wait in the street in Delhi after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck hundreds of miles away across the border in northeastern Afghanistan.

Many rushed out of buildings after the 7.5-magnitude quake hit. Credit: Reuters
People stand on a road after vacating buildings following an earthquake. Credit: Reuters
People wait for news after the powerful earthquake. Credit: Reuters

12 Afghan schoolgirls killed fleeing earthquake

Twelve schoolgirls have been killed in the Afghanistan city of Taloqan trying to escape the powerful earthquake that struck the region, a disaster official has said.

"They fell under the feet of other students," said Abdul Razaq Zinda, provincial head of the Afghan National Disaster Management Agency, who reported heavy damage in the Takhar region.

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