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Karachi airport attack 'revenge' for killing of Taliban chief

Gunmen disguised as police guards stormed the international terminal in Karachi, set off explosions and killed 18 people. All 10 gunmen died in the battle.

The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the assault was revenge for army airstrikes on their strongholds near the Afghan border and the the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud, the Taliban chief who died in a drone strike last November.

ITV News Correspondent Sejal Karia reports:


Pakistan officials: '18 killed' in airport assault

Pakistan security officials have said that all 10 gunmen and at least 18 people have been killed in a five-hour assault on Karachi airport, the Associated Press have reported.

Rizwan Akhtar, the paramilitary Rangers chief, says all 10 "terrorists" who attacked the Jinnah International Airport have been killed.

The death toll now stands at 18 people and 10 gunmen.

Pakistan Taliban claim responsibility for airport attack

An Airport Security Force soldier who was wounded in an attack is taken to hospital Credit: Reuters

Pakistan's Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack on Karachi airport, Reuters have reported.

Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said that the assault was revenge for the Pakistan army's air strikes in areas along the Afghan border where the insurgents are based.

"We carried out this attack on the Karachi airport and it is a message to the Pakistan government that we are still alive to react over the killings of innocent people in bomb attacks on their villages."

Three suicide bombers involved in Karachi terror attack

Three foreign fighters blew themselves up and seven others were killed by Pakistan's security forces during the attack on Karachi airport, a paramilitary spokesman said.

Smoke is seen billowing into the sky from Karachi airport. Credit: Reuters

Rizwan Akhtar, the regional head of the paramilitary Rangers, said in televised remarks: "Three militants blew themselves up and seven were killed by security forces. The militants appear to be Uzbek."


Karachi airport 'cleared after terror attack left 11 dead'

The death toll in the terror attack at Karachi airport has risen to 11, including nine security force members, with at least 20 other people injured, according to a Pakistan news agency.

A policeman with a gun stands on a vehicle as smoke bellows from Jinnah International airport in Karachi. Credit: REUTERS/Athar Hussain

A military spokesman said all ten terrorists had been killed and the international airport had now been cleared, Inter Services Public Relations reported.

The spokesman added: "The fire visible in pictures was not a plane but a building - [the flames are] now extinguished. All vital assets are intact."

"Terrorists were confined to two areas and eliminated. Weapons and live ammunition including RPGs and rockets were recovered. Militants were wearing big packs,” he added.

At least nine killed in Karachi airport terror attack

At least nine people have been killed and 16 injured after a gun and grenade battle broke out at a terminal in Pakistan's Karachi International airport, ITV News understands.

At least nine people have been killed in the attack. Credit: RTV

Picture shows flames appearing to surround aircraft

Pakistani television station Dawn News has posted a picture which appears to show flames surrounding airplanes at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport following a deadly terror attack.

Fire and smoke at Pakistan's Karachi airport after attack

The night sky was lit up by a fire at Karachi International airport following a gun attack that killed five people and injured 10.

Fire lights up the night sky at Karachi International airport Credit: PA

Smoke billowed from the airport in the aftermath of the attack.

The Pakistan army has now arrived at the scene.

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