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Even the Queen enjoys pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes were on the menu at Buckingham Palace this Shrove Tuesday although the Queen admitted that she did not make them herself.

The Queen attends a reception at St James's Palace Credit: Paul Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

The monarch revealed her choice of dinner during a reception for the Christ Church Cathedral Music Trust held at St James's Palace.

John Briggs, registrar at Christ Church cathedral, asked the Queen if she had enjoyed pancakes at the request of his four-year-old son.

"My little boy was very upset that he couldn't come with me to see the Queen, but he told me to ask her a question on his behalf. He wanted to know if she had pancakes today, and she said 'yes' but that she didn't make them herself," said Mr Briggs.

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World's oldest pancake race

Schoolchildren line up for the oldest pancake race in the country Credit: Russell Hookey / ITV Anglia

Britain's oldest pancake race is being held in Olney near Milton Keynes.

The race dates back to 1445 and it's believed it all began with a woman who was late for the Shriving service at Olney Parish Church.

The main race happens shortly before noon but children's races are held during the morning.

Taking part in the world oldest pancake races at Olney near Milton Keynes Credit: Russell Hookey / ITV Anglia