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Report: 'Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris evacuated in a bomb alert'

Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris has been evacuated following a bomb alert, according to reports on the Air News service

The reports are as yet not independently verified.


Paris launch bid to host 2024 Olympics

Paris will once again bid for the Olympic Games, it has been confirmed.

The French capital has previously failed to procure the 1992, 2008 and 2012 games, having last held them in 1924.

Paris has missed out on the event in the past. Credit: PA

Bernard Lapasset, who will lead the campaign, said: "Paris is delighted to officially confirm its bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games - an important first milestone as our host city campaign journey commences.

"We believe that this bid and our goal to host the 2024 Games will excite, unite and enthuse the people of Paris, our entire nation and lovers of Olympic and Paralympic sport all over the world."

Student 'called emergency services to treat gunshot wound'

A student held in Paris on suspicion of planning an imminent attack on churches in France was arrested after he called emergency services to treat a gunshot wound, interior ministry sources told the Reuters news agency.

When officers arrived they saw the wound and notified police, the source said.

The 24-year-old, believed to be an Algerian national, is thought to have accidentally shot himself, they added.

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Man held in Paris 'planned imminent attack on church'

Police have arrested a man in Paris on suspicion of planning an imminent attack on churches in France, the French Interior Minister has said.

Bernard Cazeneuve said a heavily armed 24-year-old IT student was arrested on Sunday in Paris.

"Detailed documents that were also found established beyond doubt that the individual was planning an imminent attack, probably on one or two churches," Mr Cazeneuve said.

He added that a car was also seized along with handguns, other weapons and bulletproof vests.


Three journalists arrested for flying drone over Paris

Three journalists have been arrested for illegally flying a drone over Paris, according to the city's prosecutors' office.

In a statement, the office said three foreign nationals aged 70, 54 and 36 - all believed to work for Al-Jazeera - have been taken into custody after officers spotted the drone flying in the Bois de Boulogne woods in the western part of the city.

Flying drones without a licence is illegal in France and the trio could face a maximum of a year in prison or a 75,000 euro (£54,900) fine.

It comes after five drones were spotted flying over the city for two nights running.

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