Police officers control cars with even-numbered licence plates which are not allowed to drive.

The most polluted cities in Europe

As driving restrictions are introduced in Paris to tackle pollution in the city, we take a look at the most polluted cities in Europe.

The SNCF said the train was carrying about 385 passengers

'Six killed' in Paris train crash

A train carrying hundreds of passengers has derailed and crashed into a station outside Paris, killing at least six people.

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Eiffel Tower 125 years old

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Credit: Reuters

The 31st March marks the 125th anniversary of the completion of the Eiffel Tower.

Now the world's most visited paid-for tourist attraction, the tower was originally built as the centre-piece of the 1899 Exposition Universelle, a fair to mark the centenary of the French Revolution.

Anne Hidalgo becomes first female mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo (C), current Paris city deputy mayor and Socialist Party candidate in the mayoral election, celebrates. Credit: Reuters\Benoit Tessier

France's ruling Socialist party looks set to retain control of Paris as their candidate, Anne Hidalgo becomes the city's first female mayor.

President Francois Hollande's party is heading for a big defeat in local elections as the centre-right UMP claims victory. The far-right Front Nationale party of Marine Le Pen are also tipped to make several gains.

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Hidalgo set to become the first female Paris mayor

A minor consolation for President Francois Hollande's ruling Socialists on a dreadful night in the French local elections is the anticipated victory in the Paris town hall for their candidate Anne Hidalgo, who will become the city's first female mayor.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates has tweeted:


On a truly terrible night for Pres Hollande, it does look like the socialist Anne Hildago will be the 1st female mayor of Paris. #france

TV exit polls placed Ms Hidalgo on 54.5 per cent, which will see her retain control of the French capital's town hall for the Socialists.

Flight to Wales makes emergency landing in Paris

A plane en route to Wales has been forced to make an emergency landing in Paris.

The Flybe service, which was flying from Geneva to Cardiff, landed unexpectedly in France shortly before 4pm today.

According to passengers on the plane there were 67 people on board the low-cost airline's flight when it landed at Paris Orly International Airport.

Among them was Luke Broadley, who was returning to the UK from a skiing holiday, and tweeted about the incident.

Mr Broadley wrote:


On @flybe flight to @cardiff_airport from Geneva just made emergency landing in Paris. Firemen swarming around aircraft

He later tweeted:


All offloaded and heading to terminal. @flybe crew have been fantastic throughout

Five released 'Arctic 30' Brits arrive in Paris

Greenpeace have told Political Correspondent Libby Wiener that the four British activists and one UK journalist allowed to leave Russia after being held over the protest in the Arctic have arrived in Paris.


Sue Turner, mother of freed Greenpeace activist Iain Rogers, says "delighted" he's back in the west


Theatre director rams car into French president's palace

The Elysee Palace, the official residence of the French President.
The Elysee Palace, the official residence of the French President. Credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

An Italian theatre director who was unhappy with the French government's funding cuts to the arts has rammed a car into the rear gates of the French presidential palace.

State officials said the 67-year-old man was arrested as he attempted to force his way through the gate that leads to the palace gardens.

The man was protesting against cuts in subsidies to his small Parisian theatre, the Italian Comedy, a police source said.

The man was injured in the collision and is being held in custody at a Parisian hospital, the source said.

Paris lights up in memory of Nelson Mandela

The face of late South African president Nelson Mandela has been projected on the facade of Paris City Hall as France mourns his passing.

The face of Nelson Mandela is projected on the facade of Paris City Hall.
The face of Nelson Mandela is projected on the facade of Paris City Hall. Credit: REUTERS/Charles Platiau
The French flag flies at at half mast in the courtyard of the Elysee Palace in Paris.
The French flag flies at at half mast in the courtyard of the Elysee Palace in Paris. Credit: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier
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