Police officers control cars with even-numbered licence plates which are not allowed to drive.

The most polluted cities in Europe

As driving restrictions are introduced in Paris to tackle pollution in the city, we take a look at the most polluted cities in Europe.

The SNCF said the train was carrying about 385 passengers

'Six killed' in Paris train crash

A train carrying hundreds of passengers has derailed and crashed into a station outside Paris, killing at least six people.

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Soldiers on patrol across Paris following shooting arrest

A French soldier patrols near the Eiffel Tower in Paris after the security alert triggered by the shootings. Credit: Reuters

Members of the French armed forced are on patrol in metro stations and on busy streets in Paris this evening, following the arrest of a man over a series of gun attacks in the city earlier in the week.

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French soldiers patrol Montparnasse metro station in Paris this evening. Credit: Reuters

The suspected gunman is believed to be behind four attacks around the capital. The motive for the attacks remains unclear.

Man held in Paris car park 'unfit to be interviewed'

ITV News understands that the man held by authorities in Paris over a series of gun attacks in the city earlier this week is thought to have been arrested in an underground car park in the suburb of Bois-Colombes, and was possibly under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest.

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The suspect was not in a fit state to be interviewed. Police said he has a "strong physical resemblance" to the gunman.

He was thought to be have been semi-conscious at the time of his arrest, and it is believed he may have attempted to take his own life.


Timeline: Lone gunman 'carried out four Paris attacks'

A lone gunman is believed to have carried out four attacks since Friday including a shooting in the Paris offices of a left-wing newspaper which has left one person seriously injured.

  • A lone gunman enters the offices of 24-hour news channel, BFMTV, on Friday and reportedly fires two shots before declaring: "Next time, I won't miss."
  • On Monday, a man enters the offices of left-wing newspaper Liberation in central Paris.
  • He shoots and seriously wounds a photographer's assistant, who is fighting for his life, before fleeing.
  • About 90 minutes later a lone gunman fired at least three shots into the lobby of the headquarters of Societe Generale - a bank. A window was shattered but nobody was hurt.
  • A lone gunman then hijacked a car and forced the driver to take him to the Champs-Elysees area before vanishing into the crowd.

Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said: "Given the similarities between these four cases...we are favouring the hypothesis that there is one author. The suspect is of European type, with salt-and-pepper hair and possibly 2 or 3 days of stubble."

Pictures of suspected lone Paris gunman released

Video of gunman entering TV channel offices on Friday

Surveillance footage of a lone gunman entering the offices of a television channel in Paris on Friday has been released.

The gunman reportedly entered the offices of BFM TV channel, threatened journalists, fired two shots and said: "Next time, I won't miss."

Police are looking for the same man in connection with a shooting at the newspaper offices of Liberation today, which left one man fighting for his life.

Pictures of suspected lone Paris gunman released


Pictures of suspected lone Paris gunman released

Two pictures of the gunman suspected of carrying out the shootings at the offices of French newspaper Liberation and a bank have been released.

Police believe the lone gunman is responsible for the attack at the newspaper in Paris as well as three other incidents.

A shaven-haired man is seen holding a gun in surveillance footage taken on Friday. Credit: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes
Another picture of the suspect walking in Paris. Credit: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

'Staff horrified' after newspaper attack

Staff at the Liberation newspaper have been left horrified by an attack on their offices which seriously injured an employee, an executive at the newspaper said.

A photographer's assistant has been left seriously injured after a gunman opened fire in the entrance hall of the offices before fleeing.

French police officers cordon the area next to newspaper Liberation's headquarters in Paris. Credit: Reuters

"When you have someone with a shotgun coming into a newspaper's offices in a democracy, it is very, very serious, whatever the mental state of the person," Nicolas Demorand told AFP.

"If papers and other media have to become bunkers, something has gone wrong in our society."

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