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PSNI: We are saddened and disappointed by review

PSNI Chief Matt Baggott said he fully accepted the findings of the de Silva report and the force would review the findings "carefully" before taking any action.

The police service are to keep people safe, and we are very saddened and disappointed by these findings. As I have said before, this murder should never have happened, and now there needs to be due process and we will analyse the findings of the review.

Mr Baggot would not say whether officers responsible for making threats against Mr Finucane would be identified or investigated. He said the killing could not happen in Northern Ireland today.

We have a very different way of policing now. We are in a very very different place than we were. We still rely on intelligence in a number of ways today, but it is a totally different world.

Finucane family 'misled and humiliated' by review

Geraldine Finucane, with her 3 children Michael (far left), Katherine and John (second left) Credit: ITV News

Mrs Finucane said today that her family had been "misled and humiliated in a cruel and unnecessary fashion" when they were invited to Downing Street last year, only to be told that there would be no public inquiry, only a behind-closed-doors review of documents.

Mrs Finucane said the review had been "compiled by a lawyer with strong links to the Conservative Party who was appointed by the Conservative Government without consultation". She added:

"The report is the result of a process into which we have had no input - we have seen no documents, nor heard any witnesses."

"In short, we have had no chance to assess the evidence for ourselves at first hand. We are expected to take the word of the man appointed by the British Government."


Finucane's son: Report 'doesn't take you much further'

Mr Finucane's son, Michael, told reporters that while there was new material in the report regarding the extent of the threats, "it doesn't really take you much further in terms of the culture".

Previous reports had made clear that it was the "overwhelming priority" of agencies to protect intelligence sources even if there was a "human cost", he said.

"David Cameron referred repeatedly in the House to what went wrong here," he added.But he told the press conference "nothing went wrong here".

"This is exactly what it was designed to do: to improve and focus the targeting abilities of loyalist paramilitaries over many years.

"A thorn in the side of the authorities could be removed, killed, in circumstances where the state could deny any responsibility."

There were probably "hundreds of others" killed in similar circumstances, he added.


Finucane widow: Another Government has 'suppressed truth'

Responding to the report Pat Finucane's widow Geraldine said:

"We have had no chance to assess the evidence for ourselves first-hand. We are expected to take the word of the man appointed by the British Government... We have tried our best to keep an open mind until we had read and considered the final report.

"We came to London with the hope that for once we would be proved wrong. I regret to say that once again we have been proved right. Yet another British Government has engineered a suppression of the truth behind the murder of my husband."

Pat Finucane's widow Geraldine speaking after the Prime Minister's statement Credit: ITV News
  1. Carl Dinnen: Political Correspondent

85% of UDA intelligence 'came from security forces'

This review does have some very shocking things in it. The Prime Minister said it would make very uncomfortable reading for many people and it does. One of the facts in it is that 85% of the intelligence held by the UDA in the mid-80s had been supplied one way or another by security forces.

But I don't think I found very much in this report that I didn't already know and I think that is going to be the big problem in the hours and days ahead.

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