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Cameron: Public inquiry into Finucane may have been less effective

David Cameron said he respects the Finucane family's view that the de Silva review was not the right response. But he said he disagreed with them, and said a public inquiry might not have uncovered so much information about the killing.

Par Finucane being interviewed in 1988 Credit: ITN

The Prime Minister said he hoped today's report would contribute to moving the Northern Ireland peace process forward.


Finucane report: Key findings so far

  • Government-commissioned review found that state employees actively "furthered and facilitated" the loyalist murder of Mr Finucane
  • The Army and Special Branch had advance notice of a series of planned UDA assassinations, but nothing was done
  • De Silva found that employees of the state and stage agents played "key roles" in the Finucane murder
  • The Army "must take a degree of responsibility" for targeting activities carried out by the UDA's Brian Nelson
  • "Relentless" effort to defeat the ends of justice after Mr Finucane's killing and found that Army officials provided the MoD with highly misleading and inaccurate information
  • Review found no evidence that any Govt was informed in advance of Mr Finucane's murder or knew about the subsequent cover-up


Cameron: This report makes extremely difficult reading

The Prime Minister told the Commons that the whole country is entitled to know the extent and nature of collusion in Pat Finucane's killing:

This report makes extremely difficult reading. It sets out the extent of collusion in areas such as, identifying, targeting and murdering Mr Finucane. Supplying a weapon and facilitating its later disappearance. And deliberately obstructing subsequent investigations.

  1. Carl Dinnen: Political Correspondent

Finucane report has 'whiff of Whitehall whitewash'

On my way to read the Finucane report in Belfast. It is strange that of all the controversial murders in Northern Ireland, Finucane is the one that has not been given a Public Inquiry.

The format of the de Silva report on Finucane has the whiff of 'Whitehall whitewash'. The question is can the contents dispel that?

Pat Finucane being interviewed in 1988 Credit: ITN
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