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Police 'reluctant to call Saleem death Islamophobic'

The Muslim Council of Britain has expressed concern at what it says was a reluctance from the police to categorise the death of Mohammed Saleem as an Islamophobic attack.

Lapshyn’s murder of Mohammed Saleem is particularly worrying. It seems that the police were reluctant to categorise this as an Islamophobic attack. In his daughter’s view, the initial investigation was “evasive” and the family were forced to “put a lot of pressure to piece together the witness statements and CCTV footage to find a link.”

In the summer, the Muslim Council of Britain wrote to the Home Secretary highlighting the lacklustre response from those who protect us. While reports since suggest a greater response from our security agencies, there needs to be more action and reassurance.

– Muslim Council of Britain statement


Mosque bomber and murderer jailed for life

Pavlo Lapshyn admitted to killing Mohammed Saleem and carrying out attacks on mosques. Credit: West Midlands Police

Ukrainian Pavlo Lapshyn, who admitted murdering a grandfather from Birmingham and planting bombs near mosques in the West Midlands, has been sentenced at the Old Bailey to life in jail.

A judge told him: "You clearly hold extreme white supremacy views that are abhorrent to all right thinking people and have no place whatsoever in our multi-faith and multi-cultural society.

"You were intent on finding a Muslim to murder."

He will serve a minimum of 40 years.

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Lapshyn 'clearly holds extreme white supremacy views'

You clearly hold extreme white supremacy views and racial hatred. Such views, hatred and motivation are abhorrent to all right thinking people and have no place in our multi-faith and multi-cultural society.

It is clear that before coming to this country you had already been manufacturing and detonating IEDs in Ukraine as well as researching where in Birmingham you could buy component parts whilst you were here.

– Judge Sweeney to Pavlo Lapshyn
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Lapshyn 'planning to detonate more devices'

Pavlo Lapshyn was "clearly planning to plant and detonate more devices" says Judge Sweeney.

Lapshyn has returned to court where he is due to be sentenced for the murder of a Birmingham pensioner and for leaving explosive devices near West Midlands mosques after a suspicious package was found in the room.


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Man detained after suspect package found at Old Bailey

A statement from City of London Police said:

The Old Bailey has been evacuated following the discovery of a suspect package.

City of London police officers are at the court. One man has been detained while further checks are carried out.

Significant road closures are in place around the court.

The spokeswoman would not comment on reports the suspect package was found in Court 11, where Pavlo Lapshyn in being sentenced for bombing three mosques, and murdering a Muslim pensioner in a series of racist attacks.

'Alert over' after evacuation of Old Bailey

Guardian reporter Vikram Dodd said the police cordon had been lifted and people were being allowed back into the Old Bailey after an evacuation of the building.

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